How to Bend Sill Trim From Coil Stock

June 1, 2018



Sheet metal wizardry: From coil stock to finished trim in 30 seconds flat


Rich Wagner, of Tapco tools, demonstrates how to bend sill trim for vinyl siding from standard aluminum coil stock.


Here's how to do it:

  1. Start with a 2 inch wide piece of coil stock.
  2. Using the brake as a depth gauge, slide the stock all the way in so that the outside edge is flush with the hinge for a 3/4 inch reveal.
  3. Bend the hinge up.
  4. Remove the stock and slide the bend into the hinge, hem the seam.
  5. Slide the stock into the brake again, finish side down to the edge of the hem.
  6. Bend up.
  7. Hem again.


Rich bent this sill trim in 30 seconds. Can you beat him?


— Serving professional siding applicators since 1961, Tapco Tools allow for faster bending, safer cutting and customized exterior touches. Our brakes and full line of accessories offer quick measuring, efficient slitting and sawing, enhanced job site mobility and the ability to create value-adding decorative designs and strengthening ribs in fascia, window trims, frieze boards, porch posts and beams.


Details of the finished piece:

Sill trim finished shape
Bending pattern for sill trim