How to Build a Custom Shampoo Niche with KERDI-BOARD

October 8, 2015


Combine two pre-formed niches into a large custom shampoo niche

KERDI-BOARD is the perfect substrate to create and customize elements for your bathroom to suit your design specifications. KERDI-BOARD allows you to simply and easily build a substrate that is waterproof and ready for tile.

Prefabricated shower niches constructed of KERDI-BOARD are available in a variety of sizes. These are fully sealed and quick to install!  Or you can create your own custom design. Check out our Working with KERDI-BOARD video for all of the details on cutting, fastening, and waterproofing your KERDI-BOARD application.

We wanted to incorporate a larger niche in our shower design than any of the available prefabricated KERDI-BOARD-SN products. Rather than start from scratch, we’re combining two KERDI-BOARD-SN shower niches to create a single, larger unit.

Step by step details for a custom shower niche

  • Once you have your design specifications, cut the two pre-fabricated niches to size. We used a miter saw for this since the cut needs to be very precise.
  • We’re going to attach the two niches together using KERDI-FIX. The thin-set mortar could also be used. Clean any excess setting material from the joint immediately that could potentially interfere with the tile installation. Clamp or tape the two pieces together and allow the adhesive to set.
  • Once the niche is ready, install as you would the standard pre-fabricated niche. The framing was already installed in the wall cavity to properly support the larger niche.
  • Make sure the niche is level and then fasten using the KERDI-BOARD-ZT washers and appropriate screws. Limit fastener spacing to 12" on-center.
  • Next, we’ll waterproof the connections between the niche and walls, and the seam where the two KERDI-BOARD-SN niches were joined, using KERDI-BAND waterproofing strips.
  • KERDI-BAND is installed with thin-set mortar. Apply the mortar with a one-quarter inch by three-sixteenths inch V-notched trowel, or the Schluter-KERDI-TROWEL, which features a one-eighth inch by one-eighth inch square notch design.
  • The mortar should be mixed to a fairly fluid consistency, but still able to hold a notch. Embed the membrane using the flat side of the trowel or a drywall finishing knife. Two-inch overlaps are maintained at all seams and penetrations in the KERDI-BOARD.

Tile can be installed immediately over the niche.

Custom niches can be used to design your Schluter® Shower just how you want it! Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD. Build it. Tile it. Love it!


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