How to Flash Window Jambs with ZIP System Flashing Tape

February 1, 2019


Stop air and water leaks at the side of windows by sealing the flange to the sheathing

After installing the sill pan, it's time to install the window and flash the jambs. Next, we'll seal the window head flange with ZIP System® flashing tape


Step by step:

  • Place shims in each corner of the window sill.
  • Caulk along the nail pattern of the window using an exterior grade sealant. ZIP System reccommends: butyl, 100% silicone, or polyurethans sealant.
  • Install window according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • When the window is plumb, level, and square, fasten the window into the framing.
  • Cover side jamb flanges with ZIP System flashing tape. Make sure the jamb flashing extends over the sill flashing on the bottom, and stops midway into the head flashing that will be applied next, at the top.
  • Use J-roller to seal flashing to sheathing. Focus on wrinkles or air pockets, which can become 'fish-mouths', which can allow water to creep in.
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