How to Install a Low-Profile Shower Pan

November 11, 2018


Learn how to install a Bestbath low-profile (blue bottom) shower pan for optimum accessibility

Bestbath demonstrates how to install a low-profile shower pan, or shower base. Before beginning installation of the low-profile pan, be sure all required tools and materials are readily available. 

Installation steps:

  1. Measure the drain cut out. It must 8”x8”. 
  2. Measure the shower pocket first for proper fit of the shower pan. 
  3. Check to see if the floor is level. If it is not level, it must be corrected at this time. 
  4. Check the back wall for plumb. If the back wall is not plumb, the pan can be shimmed forward to prevent any large gaps. 
  5. The drain is now ready to be installed by a licensed plumber. 
  6. Lower the shower base into place and check fit, level and slope to drain. 
  7. Mark the front edge of the shower pan for proper placement. 
  8. Wipe the floor and underside of the shower base and remove any dust or debris. 
  9. Attach the mixing tube to the provided epoxy and apply epoxy to the floor every six inches on the floor. 
  10. Set the shower pan in place. Don’t slide it. 
  11. Epoxy will take approximately four hours to cure. 
  12. Check for slope one last time. 
  13. Predrill the screw holes. 
  14. Screw the shower pan flange into the studs. 
  15. Place weight plates onto the pan. 
  16. Place sandbags or buckets of water on the weight plates. Wait four hours for the epoxy to set before walking on the shower pan. 


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