How to Install the Schluter-KERDI-DRAIN Tile Grate

February 5, 2021


A tileable grate option that can be used to create virtually invisible drainage in tiled showers

The tile grate assembly contains a lateral adjustment ring, a tile spacer to keep the tile aligned during installation, and covering support, which is a square stainless steel plate with Schluter®-KERDI laminated on the surface to allow for bonding of ceramic or stone tile. 

Let’s take a look at how to install it.

The KERDI-DRAIN flange has already been installed and the KERDI waterproofing membrane applied to the walls and shower base. The covering support is installed in conjunction with the tile.

First, fill the step in the bonding flange with any Schluter thin-set mortar…or an unmodified thin-set mortar. Press the lateral adjustment ring into the mortar (PAUSE) and insert the tile spacer. Install tiles on the shower base up to the tile spacer. Embed the tiles so that they are on the integrated tabs on the lateral adjustment ring.

These tabs will ensure that the tile on the shower base is even with the tile on the covering support, providing a flush transition throughout the tile assembly.  

Position the tile spacer to match the joint pattern of the tile covering.  The tiles may be held back from the spacer as required to match the layout. Remove all excess mortar…and set the tile spacer back in to place for the remainder of the tile installation.

Apply mortar to the side of the covering support with the KERDI membrane for a proper bond. Since the covering support will be placed flush with the top of the bonding flange during final placement, any tile thickness can be used. The tile may overhang the covering support provided that an opening of approximately 3/16-inch is provided. This is to ensure sufficient free space for drainage.

After the tile is set and grouted, remove the tile spacer and insert the tiled covering support into the lateral adjustment ring.    

The result is a virtually invisible drainage opening.

The KERDI-DRAIN tile grate creates a seamless appearance on the shower base.
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