How To Set Up A Tapco PRO 14 Brake

May 11, 2023


How to Set Up and Use the Tapco Sheet Metal Brake Tool: A Step-by-Step Guide

This video demonstrates the setup and usage of the Tapco sheet metal brake tool. The video begins by explaining how to set up the Tapco snap stand, emphasizing its quick and easy assembly.

Setting up the Tapco Snap Stand

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Release lock buttons on legs and spread them apart
  • Adjust height of stand by releasing lock buttons and extending legs

Attaching Cross Braces for a Sturdy Leg Assembly

  • Orient legs so that C-channel is at the back of the brake
  • Attach cross brace to leg set from inside of legs
  • Install one brace on both sides of one leg
  • Attach cross braces to second set of legs to form a sturdy leg assembly

Installing the Brake onto the Stand

  • Slide brake towards U-channel receiver on the back of the brake
  • Engage snap locks at the front to secure brake
  • Verify that snap lock has popped up to indicate that brake is securely in place before use
  • Hinge handles double as lifting handles; remove fast pin to relocate handle to hinge

Attaching Optional Side Binder

  • Four points of attachment
  • Insert front and larger C-clips into front rail
  • Larger rail clip slides over rear channel
  • Tighten front clip wing nut and install C-clip and fast pin on right rear side channel

Installing the Coil Roller Assembly

  • Remove center roller assembly by releasing springs
  • Reinsert roller through center of coil
  • Reattach hold down springs
  • Ensure that appropriate side of coil is facing up as it is fed through coil roller

Using the Pro Slitter

  • Mount on clamping rail for a perfectly straight cut approximately 1.5 inches from the edge of the rail

Using the Bending Handles

  • Insert into holders for carrying the brake
  • Install fast pin to secure handles in place

By following these steps, you can easily set up and use the Tapco sheet metal brake tool for efficient metal bending.


—This video is from Tapco Tools, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. Serving professional siding applicators since 1961, Tapco brakes and accessories bring measuring, mobility, decorative designs, and strengthening ribs to fascia, window trims, frieze boards, porch posts, and beams. See all of Tapco's content here.


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