Install the Trim Kit for a Five-Piece Shower

May 4, 2018


Step by step directions to install Bestbath multi-piece shower wall surround

Bestbath demonstrates how to install a Bestbath trim kit. While the video will walk step-by-step through the installation, please reference the instructions that come with the trim kit for additional details. Before you begin installation of the trim kit, be sure all required tools and materials are readily available. 

Installation steps:

  1. Nail luan or underlayment strips onto the wall, covering the flange. 
  2. Measure the back wall and cut trim to fit. 
  3. Apply the supplied adhesive to the back side of the back wall trim piece. 
  4. Install back wall trim piece over the underlayment or luan. 
  5. Measure the side walls.
  6. Measure the side trim piece from the step of the offset, not from the end. 
  7. Cut the trim piece to proper length.
  8. Repeat for the other side. 
  9. Dispense the adhesive onto the back side of the side wall trim piece and install. 
  10. Repeat for the other side. 
  11. For the front vertical trim pieces, measure from the top of the horizontal trim to the floor and cut the front trim pieces to fit. 
  12. Dispense the adhesive onto the back side of the front edge trim piece and install. 
  13. Repeat on the other side. 
  14. Caulk all the joints using the provided caulk only. Do not caulk over the weep hole. 


—This video is provided by Bestbath, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. Bestbath is a leader of innovative walk-in showers and bathtubs for residential and commercial applications. With more than 400 shower configurations, Bestbath offers intelligent universal design for all. All shower and baths are manufactured in the United States are backed by a comprehensive 30-year limited warranty. View all of Bestbath's content