Jobsite Olympics: Cinder Blocks vs. Advantech Subfloor

December 6, 2017



Which will be the brick that broke the camel's back (and by 'camel,' we mean 'OSB' ...)



Video transcript:

Alright, so we’re going to do a bending strength & stiffness demonstration here. We have one AdvanTech panel in the back, and one OSB panel on the front, both of them cut down to 18 inches wide. We’ve got about an 84-inch span between these two saw horses.

We’re going to stack these cinder blocks on top of the panels and look at the deflection and the amount of blocks it takes to break the panel.

  • Alright, so we’re at 3 bricks and we’re already starting to see a pretty decent difference.
  • 5 bricks, I’m just going to measure them at 6. I see a fairly significant difference in the height already. 

OSB: 4-7/16; AdvanTech: 3-1/8

  • AdvanTech with 9 bricks, it’s still stiffer than the OSB with 8. I think we’re about to pop.
  • We got ten bricks on AdvanTech right now, see if we can add a couple more before we call it.
  • That’s 11, 12; we’re about to have the leaning tower of Pisa. That’s 12 on AdvanTech.
AdvanTech: 12, Bricks: 0


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