LaCantina Sliding Stacking Glass Door Installation (10): Recap

January 13, 2015


Start to finish overview of the Installation process for multi-slide glass doors


Transcripts of videos:

Video 10: Recap

Josh: So three different doors installed and freaking awesome.

Lee: That's great. We've seen the folding door, the stacking slider, and the pocketing slider. These are pretty much 95% of the systems that we sell and you'll see in the field as an installer.

Josh: Oh, really?

Lee: There's a lot of different configurations with both systems, but the principles are the same. Spend your time on the frame. Square, level, plumb. It's going to be a big portion of your install. The doors just go in. They need some slight adjustment, but it's relatively simple and quick. Okay?

Josh: Yeah. All the preparation, it's obvious. We sat here all day and did three of these big doors, and we saw first-hand what it's going to take. If you have your frames together, and square, you're saving at least two hours.

Lee: Absolutely.

Josh: If not more. The other thing that I did learn about this is, in that guide, it is a step-by-step-by-step. Take it step by-step-by-step.

Lee: Yes.

Josh: Remember your sealants, at every different point, 'cause that's going to allow for you to not have to come back later on if there's any water, but any home owner is going to look at any of these doors, and just be so happy with it. And all you gotta do is stay on that video, rewind when you need to, and you're going to look like a pro. And it's going to take a lot less time than you think.

Lee: Yep. I mean we could make a perfect system, right, but the other 50% is a good install, so you want these doors, if they're installed properly, they going to last for years. The other thing I encourage is use of the installation checklist. That's a quality check list. If you tick all the boxes and address all those points, you're going to have a good install. Okay? I mentioned these are probably 95% of the systems you're going to see in the field. There are some other unique applications such as zero post corners, where we have 90 degree units without a post in the corner. Same thing though, square, plumb, and level. All the flashing's the same. All the prep's the same. The corner has corner keys to seal it. You seal all your joints. But again, it's a really simple install. The other system we're starting to see a lot more of is door-window combinations. Okay?

Josh: Those are also really cool.

Lee: But where windows go one way and doors go the other without a post. Again, square, plumb, level. You're guaranteed a good install.

Josh: And I will say hats off to your designers and engineers, because all the pre-drills and everything, just made everything flow a lot easier. It wasn't a head scratcher. It was like, "Oh, that's where it goes." Everything's properly labelled. One day, three doors, that's pretty good for a bunch of has-beens.

Lee: That's pretty good. Yeah, that's right. Speak for yourself.

Josh: Alright, Lee, I had a blast. Thanks for having me.

Lee: It's great for you to finally come down. 10 years.

Josh: Yes, and then you put me to work. Okay.

Lee: Yes. I wasn't want to tell you the exact scope of the work.

Josh: I kinda knew. Knowing you, I knew it.

Lee: Well, you make a difference. I can't do this by myself. I enjoy working with you and it's been fun.

Josh: Yeah, it has. Alright, that's it for the LaCantina Installation Series. Thanks for joining us. Remember you got those videos. Rewind, fast-forward, all the tips and tricks to make you look more professional. If you need more information, Thanks for having me Lee.

Lee: No worries. Thanks mate.

Josh: Alright. See you.


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