Mike Holmes on Schluter Kerdi-Board

March 20, 2018


A professional remodeler who has seen a lot of remodeling disasters picks Kerdi for all tile applications

The Schluter-KERDI-BOARD is the product of choice in my company. We use it everywhere, we use it on the show, we use it on all the Make It Right Construction jobs. Anywhere we're gonna put tile on a wall, in a shower, it's the product to use.

How many showers have I taken apart? That the wood was molded, that the drywall was falling apart and all molded. How many times do I have to pull a bathroom apart to show that use better products that will last longer and save you money down the road? Everyone thinks of money today, think of money tomorrow. I'd rather think that way.


There are many benefits to using Kerdi-Board as a tile substrate

Mike Holmes Jr.: KERDI-BOARD's a lot lighter to work with. It's easier to maneuver, cut, easier to screw on. So it's a much easier product to work with than concrete board.

Mike Holmes: The benefits of using the KERDI-BOARD is really simple.

  • It's lightweight
  • It's easy to cut
  • There's no dust
  • It installs very quickly

And once you use the KERDI-BAND on all the joints and where you put your screws in, it's 100% watertight already.

Now you're ready to tile.


Installation is simpler and cleaner than cement board

Carl Pavlovic (Construction Manager): Schluter's thought of everything. For sure, they had a tile setter design this, they must have.

We've got these beautiful lines keeping everything square. I used to have to take my measuring tape and put a pencil on there. And when I would score, if there was a little 'wow' in the actual board, the 'wow' would continue through.

Now I've got these beautiful straight lines. I just come over, I measure, I mark, and I just follow perfect guidelines keeping the material completely square.

Mike Holmes: By putting all the products together, right from DITRA to KERDI-BAND, KERDI-BOARD, the drain system, the shower trays, it is one more product that made it just a perfect package.

What I personally love about this, it's not just a wall board, you can build with it. What this does is open up a whole new world of possibilities for imagination to tile, and to tile differently, and to definitely tile right.

Adam Belanger, Site Supervisor: We're up on the third floor, we've got a nice big shower here. We wanna do a bit of a feature in it. Instead of having just four square big empty walls, we're gonna do a bit of a floating bench here in the back corner.

We're using the Schluter-KERDI-BOARD to do it. It's 2 inches thick, it's gonna be pretty beefy. We're actually gonna double it up so we have a nice surface to tile on.

It's gonna be waterproof. It does hold a lot of weight, so by the time we pocket it into the wall, it'll hold weight, no problem.

Mike Holmes: The KERDI-BOARD has actually opened up the imagination of all my guys. When they first saw it, they just went like I did, they were all excited. "Oh, I can build a bench, I can build a wall, I can do curved walls." And their imagination ran loose.

They surprised me on a few jobs.


Can a foam bench hold 400 pounds? (yes)

Adam Belanger: This is a bench for the shower and we're pre-making it out here. We're gonna watertight it just to give us the extra strength.

Mike Holmes: You are really going out on a limb on this one, aren't you? 

Adam Belanger: We're gonna do something nice here.

Derek Ullman, Make It Right crew: So what we did was we recessed two 2-inch pieces of KERDI-BOARD together and then we sandwich-pressed them with 2 x 4s and KERDI glue. Now, you can put a 250-guy on top of that and it wouldn't even drop.

Let's try it.

Let's try 400

480 lbs. [chuckle]

Mike Holmes: When I first walked in the shower and saw the bench, I was a little skeptical, especially 'cause two of my heavy guys were gonna stand on it, I didn't think it would hold their weight. It did. It didn't crack, it didn't move, and I knew we were onto something good.

03:15 S1: Everything we use in the shower is mold-resistant product. The Schluter System is incredible. It's no longer just the KERDI that's on the wall, but the actual boarding that we use.

This is made out of KERDI boarding. When you look at that, these guys designed a contour bench for you. This will be tiled...

Homeowner: Oh, my gosh.

Mike Holmes: And you can literally sit on this without a problem. You can literally stand on it and nothing in this shower will promote mold. Nothing.

It's always great when the homeowner walks in and sees that wonderful finish of all the tiles and just that beautiful look in the bathroom. But I don't think they really realize, what's important is what's under the tile.

This ceiling, they saw it somewhere. They wanted to give you a nice little bench. And the time that they put into that, the love that they put into that, the tile, it's all made out of foam.

Homeowner: Really? 


Waterproof bathrooms do not grow mold

No wood, nothing that can mold. Yeah, I had two of them standing on it.

Today we have tiles out there that are very expensive. We could be using glass, it could be $25 a square foot. And the last thing you want to do is to install a tile that expensive on a bad finish.

Put it on top of the Schluter System, your money is safe.

If you can imagine it, you can build it. Benches, tub surrounds, curved walls, shower curves, countertops, partition walls, even vanities.

From the DITRA on the floor, the KERDI on the walls, to the KERDI-BAND, it's 100% watertight, it's simple and it's not gonna mold.


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