PRO Picks: Bestbath 5-Piece Shower System

March 19, 2017


A waterproof shower in less than a day saves time, labor, and cost—and looks great

On site at the 2017 Model Remodel, master carpenter Ben Bogie, of Built to Last Design and Build, explains how his apprehension turned to appreciation in a mere six hours.



"We started this morning with no shower in this bathroom and now about six and a half hours later, and with cameras following me the whole time, we have a complete shower, watertight and ready for valves and trims.

I'm really impressed with the quality from Bestbath. We've used a number of different manufacturers over the years, all with varying levels of quality and fit and finish, and hands down, from the ones that we've used, this has the nicest build quality and the easiest assembly.

Pretty impressed. This is a really nice quality product. The decorative tile pockets, I was apprehensive at first, but I'm really impressed. The system is well thought out, it goes together really well.

To have a waterproof fully-functional shower ready for a plumber to come in and do trims in in the course of less than a day is pretty impressive. If we were to be looking at doing a traditional waterproof and tile shower all said and done through all the processes, we're looking three to four days best case scenario, and substantially more cost to complete it.

If I run into a situation or another project down the line where we have the opportunity to use one of these, I'll be using it."


—This video is provided by Bestbath, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. Bestbath is a leader of innovative walk-in showers and bathtubs for residential and commercial applications. With more than 400 shower configurations, Bestbath offers intelligent universal design for all. All shower and baths are manufactured in the United States are backed by a comprehensive 30-year limited warranty. View all of Bestbath's content.