PRO Picks: ZIP System R-12 Sheathing and Stretch Tape

March 22, 2019


ZIP Stretch tape stretches this builder's expectations and wins him over

On site at the 2017 Model Remodel, master carpenter Ben Bogie, of Built to Last Design and Build, talks about discovering a trim board that does what he wants it to.



"We're really excited to use the new ZIP R12 panels on this project. We've used the ZIP R3 and R6 a number of times on various projects over the years, and we're big believers in exterior insulation.

Putting the thermal control layer on the outside of your framing makes a lot of sense. So we were really happy to get our hands on the R12 panels.

There's definitely some challenges in working with them, just in cutting, fasteners, and so forth. A lot of your exterior fasteners have to be bumped up in length to accommodate for it.

We really like it because in the past to achieve the same type of R values, we would've been sheathing the building, applying exterior insulation, and then have to strap and detail on top of that.

So this removes a tremendous amount of labor out of the whole process.

The other cool thing that I got to try on this project is ZIP's new stretch flashing tape for window membranes, or window seal membranes.

I'm pretty picky about my tapes, and I have one that I've been using for a number of years now. It's a European tape that I really thought was the best on the market.

And I'm happy to say that I'm a convert to ZIP's tape now. Its workability is really nice. You can get really smooth, wrinkle-free seal membranes.

Always a challenge with working with any of these stretch materials, but ZIP's stretch tape, hands down, is my new go to for seal membranes."


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