Repairing Mortar Joints using Sakrete Mortar Mixes

July 3, 2018


Repointing old mortar protects against water intrusion

With excess mortar removed from the wall, it’s time to put new mortar in, that’s called re-pointing.



  • Using a brush, wet the wall to ensure that mortar will bond to the mortar joint. 
  • Fill grout bag with mortar. Using a grout bag allows for increased accuracy and reduced mess versus using a trowel.
  • Insert the tip of the grout bag into the joint and squeeze.
  • Using a joint tool, insert it into the joint and slowly drag across the joint. Apply additional mortar, if needed, to ensure the joint is completely filled.
  • Turn the tool sideways and scrape off any excess mortar.


Tools needed:

  • Mixing container
  • Measuring container
  • Grout Bag
  • Brick trowel
  • Jointing tool


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