A Schluter Shower in Under Three Hours

November 12, 2017


A waterproofing system for tile that makes quick work of upgrades, like niches and benches

The Schluter Shower System is reliable and dramatically reduces installation time, making shower installation easier than ever. One person can get a shower ready for tile in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional installation methods.


Installation process:

  • Install Kerdi-Board over studs.
  • Install Kerdi niche by cutting out Kerdi-Board and sliding niche into place. Fasten with stainless steel fasteners with washers.
  • Install Kerdi membrane on wall over drywall after spreading thinset mastic, overlapping in the corners and seams.
  • Finish waterproofing the wall with Kerdi patches for plumbing stub-outs and Kerdi strips around the niche.
  • Patch all fasteners with Kerdi patches and thinset.
  • Install a Kerdi-Board bench, set in mastic and waterproofed in place using pre-formed corner patches and 3-inch strips
  • Install pre-formed Kerdi shower tray in a bed of mastic.
  • Install the Kerdi drain in the shower tray.
  • Install Kerdi curb at edges of shower pan, bedded in thinset mortar.
  • Waterproof bench, tray, and curb connections.

The installation takes an experienced Kerdi installer under 2-1/2 hours for a shower with niche and bench built in, ready for tile.

Increase your productivity and use a system that is not only quick and simple to install, but one that is reliable and ensures a waterproof and vapor-tight shower assembly. 


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