Why Use UFP-Edge for Shiplap Accent Walls, or Wood-Covered Ceilings? 3 Reasons

March 4, 2020



Here are three reasons why the Model Remodel chose UFP-Edge for shiplap wall and ceiling treatments for the Flagstaff, Arizona Project

It was not because UFP-Edge has the look of real reclaimed barn wood at a fraction of the cost, or that it adds a nice touch of texture to the inside of a home. We like wood and we like texture, but what excites us is how much we can use it. 

1/ Versatility

UFP-Edge is not just a wall treatment, it can be used in on ceilings, kitchen islands, stairways, barn doors, and probably other ways, too.

2/ Strong and Stable

The reclaimed wood products are actually new wood, not old barn boards. The new lumber is distressed to look aged, but it is stable, strong, and consistent, unlike old barn boards.

3/ Prepainted and ready to install

While we like the look of painted wood, we really do NOT like to paint, so we were jazzed that it is prepainted. And if we decide that we like to paint, it is easily repainted.

We are also happy because prefinished materials mean faster Installation, and Model Remodel projects have tight timelines. 

Wood that looks good, and installs smoothly to give character in interior spaces are really good reasons to pick UFP-Edge for the Flagstaff, AZ Model Remodel.


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