WhisperGreen Select Plug 'N Play Modules



One fan, 250 combinations 

Brent Gundersen of Panasonic describes the modules available with a WhisperGreen Select ventilation fan.


Panasonic is pleased to offer the most technologically advanced energy efficient ventilation fans. WhisperGreen Select allows you to customize a fan to suit your customers' particular needs using our exclusive Plug 'N Play modules.

There are four Plug 'N Play models to choose from and WhisperGreen Select can accommodate up to three modules at one time. 

You can use whichever combination of modules you like in order to have the fan operate as desired:

  • Multi speed with time delay module (FV-VS15VK1)
  • Motion sensor module (FV-MSVK1) 
  • Condensation sensor module (FV-CSVK1)
  • Night glow LED nightlight module (FV-NLVK1)


Multispeed with Time Delay (FV-VS15VK1) 

The Multispeed /time delay module is the only module that requires a specific position in the WhisperGreen Select due to its size. It will only fit in one slot on the fan.

The multispeed/time delay module allows you to turn a single-speed fan into multispeed continuous run fan to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements.

Like previous generations of Panasonic WhisperGreen fans you can adjust the low continuous-run speed by adjusting the CFM on the module.
You’ll notice there are two sets of CFM settings because this module is used with two fan models (50 - 110 CFM and 110 through 150 CFM). Simply set the continuous run speed based on the model you're using.

The other dial is a time-delay setting. There are three ways to adjust how long the fan continues to run at full speed before resetting to its continuous-run speed:

  • Manually switch to the low-speed
  • Times out due to lack of motion (if the motion sensor module is used) 
  • Lowered humidity levels (if the condensation sensor is used)


Motion Sensor module (FV-MSVK1) 

The motion sensor can be installed to any available receptacle in the fan. The module includes a motion sensor and lens. 
To install:

  1. Plug the motion sensor into the fan.
  2. Remove the back-out plate from the fan’s grill and insert lens cover for the motion sensor.
  3. Snap the motion sensor into the grill and tuck the wires under the clips provided.
  4. Install the grill.


Condensation Sensor (FV-CSVK1)

The condensation sensor can also be plugged into any available receptacle. Simply snap it into position—there are no adjustments to make.

As the sensor reads both temperature and humidity, it will react when conditions are right for the moisture in the room to settle on surfaces as condensation. This allows the fan to react more accurately and efficiently to moisture conditions than a traditional 'rate-of-rise' or relative humidity sensor. 


The Night Glow LED Nightlight (FV-NLVK1)

A one-watt LED nightlight that is controlled by a photocell so you no longer have to run an additional switch leg to the fan in order to operate the nightlight, and you can turn a fan-only unit into a fan with a nightlight.

Like the motion and condensation sensor modules, the nightlight can be plugged into any available receptacle on the fan. The LED nightlight is plugged into the receptacle and the nightlight will illuminate through the grille. 

The attached photocell clips on to the fan grille at this location. Adjusting sensitivity on the photocell allows you to control at what ambient level the night light will turn on or off. 

Please note, this does not control the brightness of the night light, this only controls the light level that the nightlight turns on or off.


Built-in controls can be overridden and adjusted

Plugging any module into a WhisperGreen Select activates an automatic 20-minute delay-off feature built into the fan’s circuit board. So, if using a night light, motion sensor, condensation sensor, or any combination thereof, you have a built-in 20-minute delay-off timer.

This is in accordance with the Home Ventilation Institute’s recommendation that a bath fan be run for 20 minutes after the use of the bathroom.

The multispeed/time delay module (FV-VS15VK1) allows you to adjust the time delay and override the 20-minute preset timing cycle in the circuit board.

Also, please note that plugging any module into the WhisperGreen Select fan activates the two red wires in the fan’s junction box. This is covered in the WhisperGreen Select Wiring Tutorial. 

There are countless combinations of fans and fan/lights that you can create using our Select-a-Flow CFM option and the four available Plug 'N Play modules. All modules are comparable with each other, so feel free to create the fan that you need.


— This article is by Panasonic Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Solutions, the premier manufacturer of powerful, energy-efficient ventilation fans that quietly exhaust unhealthy, unpleasant or moist air from home or business. See all of Panasonic's content here.

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