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Window Installation Guide

Windows are big holes in walls that must be sealed against wind, water, and heat. This guide covers scope of work, how to install them, and why it matters.

Window technology has come a long way in energy conservation, comfort, maintenance, and ease of use. Soon, photovoltaic windows will be a power source. Despite of the technological advances, installation is still the most important aspect.

Size Up the Job

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Window and WRB: Integration Keeps Water Out of Walls

Sealing the layers—and overlapping them right—is how high performance building gets done

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Outie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation

A thermal break and solid backing puts the window on the outer face of a thick wall. Now, there's room on the inside window sill for cats and bowling trophies  

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Innie Window Details for Walls with Thick Exterior Insulation

Recessed into thick layers of insulation, innie windows are protected from the weather  

Jobsite Knowhow

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3 Ways to Flash a Window Sill with Flashing Tape

How to install pan flashing and jamb flashing on a window opening in a wall that will be thickened with 4 inches of foam—using regular, non-stretch peel-and-stick flashing tape.

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Innie Window Installation On an Exterior Foam Retrofit

A deep energy retrofit in Concord, MA illustrates everything you need to know to bring a house to energy überville

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Outie Window Installation: Weave It Into The Exterior Foam

The complete video collection on insulating, air sealing, and installing windows in a superinsulated sunroom addition in Wayland, MA

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In-Betweenies: Installing a Flangeless Window in the Middle of a Thick Wall

Three videos covering the step by step process for flashing, installing, and airsealing an in-betweenie window in a Passive House Retrofit

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Window Trim-Out for Thick-Walls: Extension Jambs on the Outside

From extension jambs to mullions, begin with the biggest piece and work to the smallest

Background RESEARCH

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Window Replacement Options for Remodelers

How to frame the conversation with customers to clarify which information is most relevant to their window choice.   

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The Pen Test for Air-, Water- and Thermal-Tightness

Water and air leaks in a building shell are difficult enough to detail on simple buildings. Complex structures can cause headaches for builders, remodelers, and architects who don't pick up their pens and trace at the design stage.

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Window Retrofit—From the RO, Out

Down to the studs: removing the old window, along with the interior- and exterior-trim, to the rough framing 

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Sill, Head, and Jamb Details for New Windows in Old Holes

Integrating a new drainage plane into an existing one is not as easy as it looks on a phone, but you've got to start somewhere, right?


I've seen all your recent window installations videos, can someone do a window installation in an existing brick wall. I'm talking about a total window replacement with a window with a flange and a steel lintel above. Or can you recommend a video that explains the whole installation from start to finish.Thank you

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I will add it to the list for animations, and keep my eyes out for a good video on the topic elsewhere.

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