Fernando Pages Ruiz | February 05, 2017

Article, Photos // Concrete & Masonry, Framing, Siding & Exterior Trim

Work in Progress: The Cisterna Cottage

The ongoing saga about designing and constructing a tiny house in Ecuador

Design and Planning

Photos //

Una Casita Bonita

A tiny abode with a tiny pricetag

Photos // Framing

Tiny House Plan: A Future Granny Flat in Ecuador

Begin with the end in mind. And some construction materials, too.

Photos // Kitchens & Baths

South American Sinks

Latinos have some pretty cool lavatories. This sink illustrates the point: This cool sink gets its chic from the way it’s made, with back-splash high pieces of scraps of the marble that made the counter.


Photos // Sitework, Framing, Roofing

Building Shade Before Building a House

Equatorial sun changes the priorities in a construction sequence  

Photos // Concrete & Masonry

Construyendo una Cisterna

Not all places have water that comes out of the ground courtesy of the city. Sometimes it comes out of a truck.  

Article, Photos // Framing

Framing the Cisterna Cottage

Tropical hardwood beams, locally-fashioned framing connectors, and mahogany siding. Who needs a view?


Cute sink! What are the dimensions? I'm guessing they don't require much clearance for the toilet?

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