Water-Tight Crickets: Roll Roof Membrane for Tile Roofing


The underlayment is the water control layer; valleys, crickets, and chimneys are the most vulnerable spots

Setting Window Panes with Silicone


Getting silicone to stick to the window and not your finger


Install A French Drain That Winds its Way to Daylight


Groundwater and surface runoff are just looking for someplace to go; French drains are one option

Setting Up an Efficient Miter Saw Station


An inexpensive tool, a mid-priced one, and a high-dollar cordless saw combine into a nice little system for clean and accurate mitering

Why do Buildings Fall During Earthquakes?


Brute strength will not win in a war with physics. Smart design predicts the resonance of a building and sidesteps the waves

Model Remodel Show: Shower in a Day

This week we’re taking delivery of the custom shower surround system coming from Caldwell, Idaho at Bestbath Systems.

A Master Carpenter's Take on Push Sticks


The absence of an accident does not mean the presence of safety; push sticks are expendable; fingers are not.

Yet Another Video About Sturdy Saw Horses


Four straight 2x6s, a lot of glue, a mortiser, planer, sharp chisels, band saw, forstner bits, a block plane, oscillating spindle sander, and a rubber mallet are all you need

Cutting Slots in Old Windows for New Weatherstripping


When window replacement is not the best option, you can tighten up old windows with weatherstripping

Tool Review: 110V Jobsite Board Stretcher


DuhWalt's revolutionary new technology can help you get from D’oh to Done when you have boards that are too short on one end

California Valley: A Fast Way to Shingle an Open Roof Valley


A California valley is faster than cutting all of the shingles up a valley. With shingles bedded in cement, it can be exported to other states.

Jobsite Jig for Cutting a Straight edge on a Crowned Board


An accurate setup made from scraps can help you salvage lumber that is too crooked to frame with but could be great for blocking or furring strips

Why Remodel Instead of Building New? It's More Fun


The truth is, I prefer the problem solving of remodeling. The higher degree of difficulty, the better. Remodeling can be a battle, but that's the beauty of the challenge.

Pour a Concrete Driveway


Tying into an existing driveway involves digging, spec-ing, sloping, pouring, and brooming. 

3 Woodworking Tricks


Marking, cutting, and glue-up tips that you may have forgotten about

Perfect-Width Dadoes: No Math, No Jigs


Use scraps to offset the straight edge allowing you to cut each edge of the dado with opposite edges of a router bit


New Kitchen Addition in Bozeman, MT

"It is so nice to have a new kitchen. I love the quartz countertops. I love the cooktop and range hood. The cabinets are beautiful and functional. It's exactly what we wanted."

—Happy customer.

Modern Trim Means No Casing Around the Door—and Tricky Corner Bead


Rather than cover the joint between drywall and door frame, celebrate the gap with an architectural reglet