How to Flash a Masonry Chimney Into a Metal Roof

A silent movie about flashing metal roofing into a brick chimney from UnionCorrugating.

Draw Perfect Arcs for Big Gates


A couple of sticks are all you need to scribe smooth arcs that cover wide work pieces

A Ladder Fall From Six Feet Can Be Fatal


Ladder safety is not rocket science, it boils down to using common sense and having patience.

Essential Woodworking Jigs

Four jigs are all you need to set up a mobile cabinet shop

How to Remove a (really) Difficult Subfloor


Long wedges cut from 2x4s are extremely effective for removing difficult flooring. Oh yeah, and don't forget the sledgehammer.


Airsealing Leaks During a Remodel: Framing, Framing, Framing


Doubling the square footage of a house while cutting the air leakage in half delivers extraordinary value


Ten Myths About Concrete Construction


Another effort in the never-ending war on bad information and ingrained myths


3-Coat Stucco Retrofit

3-coat stucco with color coat_lead.png

A  plastering contractor upgrades an ugly exterior in Northern California.

Notching a Post for A Deck or Pergola


Score and whack is the basic method, but whacking with a sharp block gets cleaner results

A Laser Jig for Quicker Leveling

Quick jig for leveling with a line laser.png

Created by a cabinet maker, this simple jig allows you to quickly gauge the relative elevation of multiple points.

2015 IRC Deck Ledger Bolt Placement

Deck ledger bolting patterns video image

The days of staggering bolts every 16 inches or so are over—especially if you want to step down to the deck

An Ingenious Rolling Parts Rack

Video about a rolling parts rack that extends from either side of a van

This vehicle-mounted storage system extends from either side of the van.

How to Glue Long Miter Joints

gluing the heel of a taped miter joint.png

Use tape to clamp and only glue where you have to.

Retaining Wall Replacement

Video about replacing a retaining wall


Lessons learned in retaining wall construction: drainage, drainage, drainage


How to build a really big wall.



This is actually my house. I built this house as part of a 22-house subdivision 30 years ago, and a laborer and I built this timber wall, just the two of us.

I Think there were about 1,100 ties in this thing, so it was, about 7,000 12-inch spikes we pounded in with sledgehammers.

How to Form Place and Finish Concrete Stairs


A split riser allows you to remove the forms without damaging wet concrete.