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Retrofitting a Hardy Frame Shear Panel


Here’s how to stiffen walls that are too narrow to resist the force exerted by high winds and earthquakes.

Why a Cedar Roof Needs a Cold Roof System

cold cedar roof.png

Use skip sheathing and a ventilation space to extend the life of the shingles

Extreme Cold-Climate Wall Hacks

Cold Climate Building Tech_CCHR_thumb.png

Furring and foam on the INSIDE for better walls in really cold places.

A Home-Made Multi-Function Tool Cart


A woodworker in Belgium goes Festool one better by devising a wheeled folding bench that works with their products.

Exterior Assembly Details for a Pacific Northwest Passive House

Passive house air barrier details video

The most effective (and easiest) time to detail the air barrier is during the framing stage. If it isn't specified during design, ain't no way the framers are gonna get it right.

Jobsite Test: Is Your New Window Watertight?


A simple test to verify that windows are waterproof BEFORE you install them.

Four Forgotten Woodworking Joints


First-time attempts at joints this woodworker has never seen before


The Projectile Potential of Kickback From a Tablesaw


The tablesaw is probably the most dangerous tool in your shop because the blade spins toward you


How To Scribe Wood To Stone


An organic post base connection that sheds water and looks like a million bucks


Non-Structural Codes for Deck Guards


The non-structural requirements are pretty simple for guard rails: if there's a fall hazard, make a guard, and keep it such that it will actually stop people from falling.


How Ice Dams Form, and How To Stop Them


Four ways to prevent ice dams in three types of roof, for two climates in one video. Boom.


Deck Flashing Code Requirements

The IRC covers materials, methods, and expected performance in two little sentences, Glenn sums them up in 10 minutes.

Perfect-Width Dadoes: No Math, No Jigs


Use scraps to offset the straight edge allowing you to cut each edge of the dado with opposite edges of a router bit