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Cold Climate Passive House Retrofit in Connecticut

A collection of five videos on a Passive House Retrofit in Sharon, CT (climate zone 5) executed by Ben Bogie, Built to Last, LLC.

Details // WRB, Flashing, Insulation, Air Sealing

Flashing Pipes, Framing, and Exhaust Vents in Exterior Walls

  For walls with a pre-applied weather barrier, make sure the tape is compatible with the WRB coating—or use a primer  

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Extreme Cold-Climate Wall Hacks

Furring and foam on the INSIDE for better walls in really cold places.

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The Engineering, Building Science, and Code Implications of Marijuana Grow Rooms

Like kitchen & bath remodels, it involves plumbing, ventilation, electrical upgrades, waterproofing, and building inspectors  

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A Home-Made Multi-Function Tool Cart

A woodworker in Belgium goes Festool one better by devising a wheeled folding bench that works with their products.

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A Human Controlled Jobsite Robot

You get paid for what you do and what you know. If robots can do what you do, then is time to know more.

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Makita SP6000J Track Saw: #WorthIT

A great saw—in spite of a couple of flaws—that will make fast work out of long miters. Even compound miters.  

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Two Ways to Cut Mortise and Tenon Joints

Which method is better—by hand or machine?

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Exterior Assembly Details for a Pacific Northwest Passive House

The most effective (and easiest) time to detail the air barrier is during the framing stage. If it isn't specified during design, ain't no way the framers are gonna get it right.

BS Podcast // Roofing

Roof Ventilation: 7 Minutes of BS

Moving air keeps unwanted heat and moisture out of your roof system  

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Jobsite Test: Is Your New Window Watertight?

A simple test to verify that windows are waterproof BEFORE you install them.

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Product Review: iClone App Boosts Contractor Productivity

Need an extra hand on the job? Fire up the iClone app and match the settings to the task at hand.

Jobsite Handbook // WRB, Flashing

Rain Screen Siding Guide

Walls that can drain and dry last a lot longer than walls that stay wet. An air gap between the siding and sheathing lets both dry independently.