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Notching a Post for A Deck or Pergola

Score and whack is the basic method, but whacking with a sharp block gets cleaner results

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Trees that Outrank Construction Projects

Deep roots in the community has its benefits (#ThrowbackThursday came early this week)  

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3-Coat Stucco Retrofit

A  plastering contractor upgrades an ugly exterior in Northern California.

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Construyendo una Cisterna

Not all places have water that comes out of the ground courtesy of the city. Sometimes it comes out of a truck.  

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Rain Screen Siding Guide

Walls that can drain and dry last a lot longer than walls that stay wet. An air gap between the siding and sheathing lets both dry independently.

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Raised Heel Roof Framing Options That Make Space For Insulation

Whether using roof trusses or stick framing a roof frame, if you make space above the exterior walls, your energy performance will thank you.  

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Smoke-Testing an Old House Before Renovations (Air Leaks You Can See!)

Using theatrical smoke to illustrate air leakage pathways to customers and new employees

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Installing Sill Plates and Floor Beams in a Japanese Timber Frame

Construction methods differ from country to country but are especially different in Japan.

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How to Lift Heavy Loads with a Nail Gun and 2x4s

I’m kicking myself for not already knowing this amazingly simple trick!

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18 Volt Lithium Battery Warnings from Milwaukee

A general warning that as batteries get bigger, so do the unintended consequences of using them like a dope. So, don't be a dope, read.  

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A Laser Jig for Quicker Leveling

Created by a cabinet maker, this simple jig allows you to quickly gauge the relative elevation of multiple points.

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South American Sinks

Latinos have some pretty cool lavatories. This sink illustrates the point: This cool sink gets its chic from the way it’s made, with back-splash high pieces of scraps of the marble that made the counter.

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Framing Tips for Walls with Thick ZIPs

Exterior insulation can create transition problems. Here are a few solutions

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All American Shop Dog

Happy Independence Day from Romeo, the shop dog, an important member of the team at Hull Historical in Fort Worth, TX