Video Treats // Woodworking

OldSchool Woodworker Chatting it up in his Shop

"Seventh-grade shop was probably the most fun I had in all my school days. That was kind of the beginning of my woodworking career. Here I am, decades later, still sort of in seventh-grade shop." —Edward Wohl

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Non-Structural Codes for Deck Guards

The non-structural requirements are pretty simple for guard rails: if there's a fall hazard, make a guard, and keep it such that it will actually stop people from falling.  

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Head2Head Tool Test: Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Eight saws, an endless supply of new blades, and a few editors with nothing better to do than cut stuff

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Modified Larsen Truss Retrofit: I-Joists on a Roof

Framing a roof with I-joists over the existing roof makes a ton of room for insulation and offers a short lesson in vapor movement through assemblies

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Trocas de Trabajo, Revisited: Work Bikes

Sometimes a cowboy is better off with a mule...  

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Start to Finish Stair Trim-Out Project

From sizing up the job to setting the newel posts on a stain-grade set of winders

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How to Remove a (really) Difficult Subfloor

Long wedges cut from 2x4s are extremely effective for removing difficult flooring. Oh yeah, and don't forget the sledgehammer.  

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A Modified Larsen Truss Using I-Joists on a Passive House Retrofit

Screwing I-joists to the outside of a wall—really—makes a lot more room for insulation on a deep energy retrofit in NW Connecticut  

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Shou-sugi-ban Wood Treatment: Burning the surface

Using fire to make wood beautiful and durable 

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Moisture Management Design Rule 2: Manage Condensation

Condensation is when moisture in the air hits a cool enough surface to convert the vapor into water.

Video // Sitework

The Model Remodel Show Pilot Episode (Sneak Peek)

When you're in a hole, start digging  

YouTube Video // Roofing, Insulation, Air Sealing

How Ice Dams Form, and How To Stop Them

Four ways to prevent ice dams in three types of roof, for two climates in one video. Boom.  

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Courtyards in Latin America

Your own private Idaho—or Argentina—inside the house

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Mechanical Ventilation: 7 Minutes of BS

As houses are built tighter, they exchange less air between inside and outside. This saves energy, but the inside air can get stale if you don't have a fan and a plan