YouTube // Concrete & Masonry

Broom Finish a Concrete Slab

How to apply a non-slip broom texture to a concrete slab

Video // Siding & Exterior Trim, Decks & Porches

Model Remodel Show: Dry Space Under the Deck

Two water-tight decking products cover a front porch and a back deck

Photos // Decks & Porches

¡No Es Caña!

A common fencing material in Central and South America is cane stalks, but these are something else entirely.

Podcasts // HVAC & Mechanicals, Insulation & Air Sealing

The Psychrometric Chart: 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science)

This chart explains how moisture behaves in the air as temperatures rise and fall—rainstorms, flooding, and glaciers in wall cavities are distinct possibilities.

YouTube // Safety, Woodworking

Cutting Teeny-Weenie Tiny Small Pieces of Wood Safely

Super Glue, a bench habit, and a super sharp pull saw can help you cut the small stuff—and KEEP your fingers  

Video // Decks & Porches

Model Remodel Show: Framing a Deck and a Porch

Post, beam, and joist placement for a front porch and a back deck

Jobsite Handbook // WRB & Flashing

WRB and House Wrap Installation Guide

House wraps and weather barriers can play a critical role in a high performance wall assembly. In fact, the WRB is a BFD  

YouTube // WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors

Sweet Way to Bend Drip Cap For Windows

An upturned end dam for window flashing that needs no sealant and will not leak

Podcasts // WRB & Flashing

ViscoElasticity: 7 Minutes of BS (#BuildingScience)

The science of stickiness: a molecular look at tape's adhesive and cohesive properties

YouTube // Safety

Hazardous Materials Communication on the Jobsite

Just for the health of it, you should watch this video and keep the info fresh in your mind the next time you open a can of something

Video Treats // Framing, Woodworking

Armchair Timberframing

A weekend binge-watch for you—clocking in at a little over 18 minutes of master carpentry.  

Video // HVAC & Mechanicals

Duct Mastic Installation Tip: Use a Workbench

It is easier to do a good job sealing ductwork when you're standing at a bench instead of crawling through a crawlspace