2021 Energy Code Survival Guide

February 28, 2022

The updates are really only a big deal if you live in climate zones 4 or 5, like 65% (or so) of America does. But don't worry, climate change is making it smarter than ever to exceed the code minimum.

This guide begins with a summary of the 2021 IECC code updates in the first article below.

The following sections illustrate and explain how and why to thicken your roofs and walls with videos, animations, and podcasts delivering jobsite-tested solutions to these new energy targets.


The 2021 Code Updates

Increased Attic/Roof Insulation Requirements

Increased Wall Insulation Requirements

Ducts in Sealed Soffits

Increased Slab Insulation

5% Better Energy Rating Index Score Options

Extra Credit: Go To Zero Energy