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Essential woodworking Jigs

00:00 Ron Paulk: Hi, I'm Ron Paulk. Okay, the Smart Wood Shop. The jigs, the poor man's CNC for making the entire Smart Woods Shop, are complete. And I'm gonna give you a look at them right now.

Photos // Paints, Glues, & Sealants

Architectural Postcards from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an architectural voyeur’s destination, with gothic, and ornate classical buildings that rival Europe in grandeur. There are also a lot of cool homes, and street-level building craft to admire.

Jobsite Handbook // Kitchens & Baths

Universal Design Handbook

Making a house easy to live in regardless of your age or ability seems like a good idea, but it is rarely done.

Details // HVAC & Mechanicals

A Simple Balanced Ventilation System

Two fans talk to each other to replace stale air with fresh air  

YouTube // Insulation & Air Sealing

Airsealing Leaks During a Remodel: Framing, Framing, Framing

Doubling the square footage of a house while cutting the air leakage in half delivers extraordinary value  

YouTube // Concrete & Masonry

Ten Myths About Concrete Construction

Another effort in the never-ending war on bad information and ingrained myths  

YouTube // Decks & Porches, Woodworking

The Secret To A Japanese Scarf Joint: A Great Template

In case you were getting tired of Glulams and LVLs  

Photos // Concrete & Masonry, Roofing

Architectural Postcards from Mendoza, Argentina

Simple country houses, Brutalist bodegas, and superb craftsmanship  

Video // Siding & Exterior Trim, WRB & Flashing, Windows & Doors

An Awesome Wall Assembly for Cold Climate Construction

Belt, suspenders, rainscreen, and redundancy make this wall awesome.

YouTube // Siding & Exterior Trim

3-Coat Stucco Retrofit

A  plastering contractor upgrades an ugly exterior in Northern California.

YouTube // Decks & Porches

Notching a Post for A Deck or Pergola

Score and whack is the basic method, but whacking with a sharp block gets cleaner results