Video // Tools

Frisbee Hack from Jobsite Dog

Being a carpentry pup means sometimes getting tired of sticks. So Beasley improvises when Ben forgets to bring a Frisbee.

Video Treats // Framing

Traditional Korean Wooden Architecture and Building: Daemokjang

"Build it right. If the wood can withstand seven centuries, I would build a house that is so constructed as to withstand a millennium. With this attitude, I would keep woodworking." —Go Taek Yeong, Skill Holder

Video // Framing

Know How: Quick-Release Knot

Streamline your stringline strategy

YouTube // Trimwork & Cabinetry, Woodworking

3 Woodworking Tricks

Marking, cutting, and glue-up tips that you may have forgotten about

Photos // Framing, Woodworking

Tropical Timbers: From forest-to-framing

Like farm to table for building materials—a tour of Amazon trees and lumber

Video Treats // Siding & Exterior Trim

The Model ReModel Show: Exterior Trim Details

The key to great-looking vinyl is great-looking trimwork (and great-looking vinyl)

YouTube // Trimwork & Cabinetry, Woodworking

Perfect-Width Dadoes: No Math, No Jigs

Use scraps to offset the straight edge allowing you to cut each edge of the dado with opposite edges of a router bit  

Dead Drop Podcast // Tools

Profit: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Get It

DeadDrop: Secrets of El Jefe is an experimental podcast that Fernando and Dan are working up

YouTube // Kitchens & Baths

New Kitchen Addition in Bozeman, MT

"It is so nice to have a new kitchen. I love the quartz countertops. I love the cooktop and range hood. The cabinets are beautiful and functional. It's exactly what we wanted." —Happy customer.

Article // HVAC & Mechanicals, Insulation & Air Sealing

How Deep is Deep Enough to Bury Ducts?

Turns out, ducts buried under insulation actually can work to save energy and eliminate condensation inside the ducts. If you seal and insulate them first  

details // Siding & Exterior Trim, WRB & Flashing

Trimwork and Layout Tips for Vinyl Siding

Use real trim stock and give some thought to the layout—it will improve the look of your job 100 percent

YouTube // Framing, Windows & Doors

How Can I NOT Promote A Video of a Cannon Shooting 2x4s at Windows?

It turns out, 5/8 plywood is about the best window insurance you can buy  

Video Treats // Tools

Man vs. Robot in Hole Drilling Contest

For simple repetitive tasks it’s hard to beat a machine.