Photos // Decks & Porches

Courtyards in Latin America

Your own private Idaho—or Argentina—inside the house

Podcasts // Safety

Heat Stress: 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science Syncopated)

Too much of a good thing can kill you. Including sunny weather. 

YouTube // Roofing, WRB & Flashing

How to Flash a Masonry Chimney Into a Metal Roof

A silent movie about flashing metal roofing into a brick chimney from UnionCorrugating.

Video // Tools

National Hardware Show Highlights: Spill-Proof Gas Can

A better mousetrap that actually catches mice. Or at least pours gas without getting your hands gassy

Details // Concrete & Masonry, Roofing, WRB & Flashing

Step Flashing 2 Brick: Its Complicated

Flashing must extend all the way from the wall to the outside. Oh yeah, and it has to be watertight and eight people have to work on it...  

Video Treats // Woodworking

DIY Plywood Spiral Stairs: OMG

A really simple template, a really repetitive process, and a lot of glue go into this not-so-weekend project.

YouTube // Decks & Porches, Trimwork & Cabinetry

Draw Perfect Arcs for Big Gates

A couple of sticks are all you need to scribe smooth arcs that cover wide work pieces

YouTube // Safety

A Ladder Fall From Six Feet Can Be Fatal

Ladder safety is not rocket science, it boils down to using common sense and having patience.

Article // Tools

DeWalt FlexVolt Cordless Table Saw Review

It is hard to believe that a cordless table saw can stand up to jobsite use. But it can.

Article, Photos // Framing

Framing the Cisterna Cottage

Tropical hardwood beams, locally-fashioned framing connectors, and mahogany siding. Who needs a view?

Video // Demolition

Demo Tip: Take Your Time

Take your time. Work slow. Be organized. You will get done faster.

YouTube // Trimwork & Cabinetry, Woodworking

Essential Woodworking Jigs

Four jigs are all you need to set up a mobile cabinet shop