Video // Insulation & Air Sealing

Four Smart Energy Upgrades for Compact Houses

Simple upgrades to steps you take anyway can significantly boost the energy performance of a home

Jobsite Handbook // Framing, WRB & Flashing

Installing a Roof Deck

This small video collection covers the basics of installing a roof deck in a place where sideways rain is real.

Video // Framing, WRB & Flashing

Decking A StormProof Roof (4 of 4): Sealing the Seams

Tape layers should overlap shingle-style up the roof  

Video // Framing

Decking a Roof (3): Measuring Hip Panels

The nuances of measuring is what separates the kids from the carpenters

Article // Editor's Notes

Pro Remodeler Salary Survey: PLEASE PARTICIPATE

Professional Remodeler magazine is launching a new service to the remodeling industry, a salary survey, and we need your help to make it accurate  

Video // Framing

Decking a Roof (2): Workflow for Framing Carpenters

  Decking the field and delegating responsibility  

Video Treats // Concrete & Masonry

Traditional Old School vs High-Tech New School Brick Walls

Which is better, a brick wall that stands for more than 800 years, or one that lasts 50 years?

Video // Siding & Exterior Trim, Trimwork & Cabinetry

Cutting Just a Smidge from Construction Stock: Deflect the Saw Blade

Sometimes a blade thickness is waaay more than you need to cut off. If you need to take 1/32 off the end of a board, here's how to do it quickly.

Podcasts // Concrete & Masonry, Siding & Exterior Trim

Historic Mortar: 7 Minutes of BS

In short, mortar is a mixture of some or all of the following materials: Portland cement, sand, lime clay, and more modern additives.

Video // Trimwork & Cabinetry

Murphy Bed Build (9): Final Installation and Adjustments

Adjust the boxes to the hardware, and then to each other. Rotating the panel gives a little extra wiggle room

YouTube // Windows & Doors, Glues, Sealants, Coatings

Setting Window Panes with Silicone

Getting silicone to stick to the window and not your finger  

Video // Trimwork & Cabinetry

Murphy Bed Build (8): Building the Bed Cabinet

Assembling a big box with a big back that anchors the bed cabinet to the wall

Video // HVAC & Mechanicals

Model Remodel Show: Balanced Ventilation System

A simple and affordable balanced ventilation solution for small tight houses