Video // Trimwork & Cabinetry, Woodworking

Router Jig for Clean Dados

Spice up plywood cabinets with solid wood inlays. Spice up solid wood inlays with cleanly cur dado slots

Article // Editor's Notes

Pro Remodeler Salary Survey: PLEASE PARTICIPATE

Professional Remodeler magazine is launching a new service to the remodeling industry, a salary survey, and we need your help to make it accurate  

Article // Tools

Oscillating Tool Shootout and Showdown

ProToolReviews test drives over two dozen models to help you pick your next purchase

Video // Roofing, WRB & Flashing

Overlap Edge Metal Like A Boss

A drip edge overlapping strategy that won't catch the eye

Podcasts // Safety

Heat Stress: 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science Syncopated)

Too much of a good thing can kill you. Including sunny weather. 

YouTube // Concrete & Masonry

Two Ways to Estimate Concrete for Radius Jobs

The old-fashioned mathematical formula way and the shortcut way.

Video Treats // Concrete & Masonry

How to Cut a Huge Hunk of Granite

26,000 pounds of granite cut with a 2-pound hammer in 1 hour, condensed into a 7-minute video

Video // WRB & Flashing, Glues, Sealants, Coatings

Overview and Intro: Durable Siding System for Basement Wall Infill (1/4)

An interesting project that requires redundant water management detailing

YouTube // Roofing

Water-Tight Crickets: Roll Roof Membrane for Tile Roofing

The underlayment is the water control layer; valleys, crickets, and chimneys are the most vulnerable spots

Video // Insulation & Air Sealing

Four Smart Energy Upgrades for Compact Houses

Simple upgrades to steps you take anyway can significantly boost the energy performance of a home

Jobsite Handbook // Framing, WRB & Flashing

Installing a Roof Deck

This small video collection covers the basics of installing a roof deck in a place where sideways rain and hurricanes are real. Flashing, taping the seams, and storm-proof shingle starter strips.

Video // Framing, WRB & Flashing

Decking A StormProof Roof (4 of 4): Sealing the Seams

Tape layers should overlap shingle-style up the roof  

Video // Framing

Decking a Roof (3): Measuring Hip Panels

The nuances of measuring is what separates the kids from the carpenters