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20 Tool Gifts Between $50 and $250

December 13, 2016

Walls 10X Ultra-Lite Packable JacketTop picks for tool hounds and the people who buy presents for us. Ahem.

Last week we covered tool gifts under $50. Today, we step up the the 250 mark and below. You'll find tools for electricians, mechanics, outdoors people, carpenters, remodelers, and the people who play them on TV. Any one in the world who Needs. Good. Tools. Later this week, we'll go for the big bucks and look at tools between $250 and $1,000

Walls 10X Ultra-Lite Packable Jacket

Why we’d love to have it:

The 10x Ultra-Lite Packable Jacket from Walls Outdoors is an excellent design for those days when you’re not sure if you’ll need a light jacket.

It has a lightweight rip-stop shell and polyester mesh lining along with a vented back. You’ll find a packable pouch on the back of the jacket meaning you don’t have to worry about carrying this everywhere you go since you can easily stuff it into a backpack.

Designed mainly for the hunting enthusiast, anyone who likes the camouflage design will appreciate having this has a go-to option when the temperatures drop unexpectedly.

Find out more from Walls.

Buy it from Walls — $50.99 – $55.99

Klein IR5 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

Klein IR5 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

Why we’d love to have it:

Klein’s IR5 Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer is an excellent design for new professionals and tradesmen that need Pro level performance without breaking the bank.

With a 12 to 1 distance to spot ratio, it will take temperature measurements from -22 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit. Drop tested to 2 meters, the tool weighs less than 10 ounces, and will run up to 10 hours on one 9-volt battery.

Pick this up for any aspiring or professional electrician who has a need for an infrared thermometer.

Read the ProToolReview!

Find out more from Klein.

Buy it from Amazon — $51.79

Southwire 16040T Bluetooth multimeterSouthwire 16040T Bluetooth Multimeter

Why we’d love to have it:

Just like other facets of life, dumb tools are out and smart tools are in. Southwire is embracing this concept with a line of Bluetooth enabled electrical meters including their Compact Bluetooth Cat III Multimeter.

Record, save, and share readings as well as control the meter from a safe distance using the free app for your smartphone.

10 common measuring functions are integrated and the unit runs on just two Triple-A batteries.

Get this for the electrical Pro who’s ready to make the jump to a Bluetooth enabled smart meter.

Find out more from Southwire.

Buy it from Amazon — $65.98

Bosch Cross Line Laser LevelBosch Cross Line Laser Level

Why we’d love to have it:

One of the most common requests I get when it comes to borrowing my tools is my Bosch cross-line laser.

While ensuring materials are perfectly vertical or horizontal is certainly understandable for professional users, there’s also something special about even tackling homeowner tasks like installing shelves and hanging pictures that makes the cross line laser and Incredibly versatile tool.

The Bosch GLL 30 Self-leveling Cross-line Laser takes care of the majority of tasks that you’ll need this type of tool for while keeping the price well under $100.

Read our preview!

Find out more from Bosch.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $79.97

Werner 15-Foot Reach Aluminum 2-in-1 Switchback LadderWerner 15-Foot Reach Aluminum 2-in-1 Switchback Ladder

Why we’d love to have it:

When you look at an A-frame style ladder it begs the question “Why can’t we just swing this thing all the way around and make an extension ladder?”

Werner has done that with their aluminum 2-in-1 Switchback ladder.

In its A-frame configuration, you have a 7-foot ladder that can be swung up to create a 13-foot extension ladder. The ladder is rated to 225-pounds and is Type II duty rated.

The lightweight aluminum construction makes this a great gift for any professional who is going to be doing work above ground level.

Find out more from Werner.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $84.00

Kobalt 8-Piece Ratchet Wrench SetKobalt 8-Piece Ratchet Wrench Set

Why we’d love to have it:

Ratcheting wrenches are all the rage in the automotive community today and really anywhere that wrenches are used.

Kobalt’s Ratcheting Wrench Set features 8 wrenches in either metric or standard measurements. They have a standard 5 degrees of arc swing and 12-point engagement design to get a solid grip on fasteners.

With Kobalt’s Lifetime Hassle-free Guarantee and pricing well below what many guys charge from the truck, the mechanic in your life will be glad to have them.

Find out more from Kobalt: Metric, Standard

Buy it from Lowe’s — $89.97

Midland X-Talker T75VP3Midland X-Talker T75VP3

Why we’d love to have it:

There’s a lot to love about the MidlandX-Talker series of 2-way radios. The big deal with this set is the ability to get up to 38 miles range depending on how many obstructions are in the way.

This kind of long-range communication is excellent for hunters, fisherman, and other Outdoorsmen where cell phone signals can be spotty. You get 36 channels along with 121 privacy codes.

Five different animal call alerts are integrated along with a weather alert radio and weather scan. Two nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries are included and the radios can also be run on three AA batteries if you need more juice in an emergency.

Whether you’re on the jobsite or just enjoying the outdoors, this is a great set of radios ready to use out of the box for less than $100.

Find out more from Midland.

Buy it from Midland — $89.99

Gerber Center-DriveGerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Why we’d love to have it:

The new Center-Drive multi-tool from Gerber is all about bringing relevance to the jobsite.

Typically, a multi-tool is nothing more then a secondary option for when there are no other tools available.

Gerber went with a center-axis driver so it aligns like a real screwdriver and doesn’t compromise on torque and rotation. In addition to the one-thumb opening system, spring loaded needle nose pliers, and rotatable carbide wire cutters, there are a host of other features that we’re going to go into more detail in when we review it.

Expect the Center-Drive to be on many wish lists this year.

Find out more from Gerber.

Buy it from Amazon — $91.54

Ridgid 12V Palm Impact ScrewdriverRidgid 12V Palm Impact Screwdriver

Why we’d love to have it:


The Ridgid 12V Palm Impact Screwdriver doesn’t look or feel like a traditional impact driver.

Intelligent design that places your hand directly behind the fastener will help eliminate cam outs.

Pressure driven variable speed allows you to be more precise when working with delicate materials.

Anytime you’re working in awkward spaces and have to drive one-handed, the Ridgid Palm Impact Screwdriver is a go-to option.

This is one of the most fun tools we reviewed all year long and makes a great supplementary tool for any Pro’s kit.

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Find out more from Ridgid

Buy it from The Home Depot — $99.00

Ryobi One+ 18V Quietstrike Pulse DriverRyobi One+ 18V Quietstrike Pulse Driver

Why we’d love to have it:

Ryobi is officially a DIY line, but they keep producing tools that reach above that mark.

It’s why you see so many tradesmen and maintenance/repair crews use them. The Ryobi QuietStrike Pulse Driver is a screw-driving beast that can handle most small diameter screws even at very long lengths.

Noise reduction is clearly evident with speeds near what we expect from Ryobi’s impact drivers.

The impacts are not as violent as an impact driver even though you’ll feel the push of the pulse drive mechanism.

For the DIYer, tradesman, or maintenance crew member, this is an easy recommendation to add to your One+ tool bag.

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Find out more from Ryobi.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $99.00

LEDLenser H14R.2 Rechargeable HeadlampLEDLenser H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp

Why we’d love to have it:

There’s a difference between needing to see what’s right in front of you and needing to see what’s outside after dark.

For many outdoor enthusiasts, 1000 lumens is the new benchmark for enjoying activities after the sun goes down. LEDLenser’s H14R.2 is an outstanding rechargeable option that will put those 1000 lumens to work for up to 4 hours.

More than just a light, the Advanced Focus System helps you move between a focused spot and more of a flood light output.

Well designed for the Outdoorsman, the very same features make it excellent for use on the jobsite.

Find out more from LEDLenser.

Buy it from Amazon — $99.85

Skilsaw SPT67WM-22 Circular SawSkilsaw SPT67WM-22 Circular Saw

Why we’d love to have it:

Ever since Skilsaw rebranded and began its focus on professional users, they’ve come out with some very impressive products.

In the opinion of us at Pro Tool Reviews, when it comes to circular saws, Skil owns the corded market.

The SPT 67 WM-22 features Skilsaw’s magnesium construction that creates a lightweight circular saw with the power of a worm drive.

Packaged with a Diablo blade, it is hard to go wrong with this model for any Pro who uses a corded circular saw on a regular basis.

Read our review!

Find out more from Skilsaw.

Buy it from Acme Tools — $99 .99

Ridgid 18V Brushless Compact RouterRidgid 18V Brushless Compact Router

Why we’d love to have it:


As the industry’s first cordless trim router, Ridgid has opened a lot of eyes.

Ridgid included their brushless motor and is able to get up to 400 feet of laminate cut with one charge on a 5 amp hour battery.

Built on the foundation of their corded model, the fit and functions will feel very familiar the current Ridgid users.

If there’s anything better than being able to cut the cord on a trim router, it has to be that Ridgid covers this tool for life.

This cordless router would make a great gift for a Pro trim carpenter as a supplementary tool or as a primary tool for the home workshop.

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Find out more from Ridgid.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $119.00

Husky 10 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

Husky 10 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

Why we’d love to have it:

For jobs that require more than a pancake compressor can offer, consider moving up to Husky’s 10-Gallon Portable Air Compressor.

You’ll get higher pressure and air volume for applications with higher demand—capable of covering everything from trim nailers to roofing nailers along with a number of automotive tasks.

Pick this up for the Pro that needs a higher capacity portable compressor for light to medium duty use or as a primary home shop compressor.

Find out more from Husky.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $149.00

CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker

CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker

Why we’d love to have it:

The Oxx Coffeeboxx flew onto the scene following their successful Kickstarter campaign and has remained the only coffee maker to be dialed in to the needs of a jobsite.

Tough housing makes it able to to handle the rough environment of construction sites while at the same time being sensitive to individual preferences with K-Cup compatibility and simple function.

Oxx has even launched its own brand of coffee to go along with it—Workhorse.

You can also now enjoy your Workhorse Coffee with three different colors of Coffeeboxx.

Read our review!

Find out more from OXX.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $149.25

Stok Gridiron Portable Propane Gas GrillStok Gridiron Portable Propane Gas Grill

Why we’d love to have it:

The Stok Gridiron Propane Grill is your best friend on several levels.

It takes advantage of 1-pound disposable LP tanks for fuel to help keep with its ultra-portable design.

As the name would indicate, it’s fantastic to throw in the back of your truck for tailgaiting. It’s also perfectly at home as a portable camping grill or emergency food prep station.

The size is one thing, but it’s the collapsible stand that makes the Gridiron such a great fit.

You can roll it where you need it, set it up to full height without the need for a table, and collapse it back down for easy transportation.

Anyone can take advantage of the grill’s design along with Stok’s insert system to grill virtually anything!

Find out more from Stok.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $166.00

Zero Tolerance 0220

Why we’d love to have it:

Zero Tolerance 0220

The Zero Tolerance 0220 is a premium knife designed by Jens Anso.

It features S35VN steel for the blade to get a razor sharp edge with excellent retention.

The KVT ball bearing system makes opening smooth and easy.

The titanium handle pairs wonderfully with the blade in a design that will function well in a variety of settings.

The 0220 gets a touch of color (and class) with the blue ZT logo on the side and orange back-spacer with integrated lanyard hole.

This isn’t your everyday knife for just anyone – get it for user that appreciates quality in the design and material choices.

Find out more from Zero Tolerance.

Buy it from Amazon — $199.93

Makita 18V 2 Piece Sub Compact BL Combo KitMakita 18V 2 Piece Sub Compact BL Combo Kit

Why we’d love to have it:

Makita has been making a reputation on cordless tools that compete with the best in performance while moving ahead in ergonomics and compact design.

They’ve taken things to a whole new level with their Sub-Compact Brushless Drill and Impact Driver kit.

The tools sport the compact profile of 12-volt tools while staying on Makita’s 18V LXT battery platform. That means you’ll be able to get 80% of your work done with incredibly lightweight and compact tools without having to buy a into a different battery system.

These should be flying off the shelves for Makita users this year!

Find out more from Makita.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $229.00

Milwaukee Cordless LED Stand LightMilwaukee M18 Rocket Cordless LED Stand Light

Why we’d love to have it:

Lighting has been a huge push for the cordless end of the industry and Milwaukee has come up with several innovative designs.

The M18 Rocket starts with a design that folds down from a maximum 7-foot height into as easy-to-carry package.

From there it packs up to 3000 lumens of room-filling light that will run more than 2 hours on a 5.0 amp hour battery and 8 hours giving out 900 lumens.

Better yet, there’s an extension cord plug for when power is available and it will charge your M18 batteries while it’s plugged in.

Find out more from Milwaukee.

Buy it from The Home Depot — $249.00

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Surge

Why we’d love to have it:


The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Surge has moved into the oil impact driver sector with a very capable screwdriver for both wood and metal applications.

For many Pros, the Surge is going to replace the impact driver since it’s capable of doing 90% of what your impact driver already does.

At $249 for the kit with the compact size, light weight, and solid performance, this is about as close to a no-brainer as you get for Milwaukee users.

Even for a Pro not currently on Milwaukee’s battery platform, the Surge is an excellent gateway tool to get them in!

Read our review!

Find out more from Milwaukee.

Get it from Acme Tools – $249

Tim Johnson is a contributor to ProToolReviews.com, where this review first appeared. We have been breaking it into pieces and posting it to build the suspense. Last week we looked at tools under 50 bucks, in a couple of days, we'll look at tools over $250.

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