Picking a Puffer to Smoke Out Your Air Leaks

February 18, 2016
Read time: 1 min

After the blower door is set up and running, look for the leaks. You can use your hand to detect some leaks, but smoke puffers make other leaks easier to "see"

This episode of WxTV (also part of our Blower Door Basics collection) covers a few topics, but today, Ben peeks inside his toolbox at the 5:30 mark to talk about some of the tools of the weatherization trade:

  1. Measuring devices: standard tape measure and a laser tape measure (you've seen these before).
  2. Smoke puffers: Ben demonstrates an acid-based puffer, a silica-based puffer, a lightable puffer, and a liquid-based puffer. Prices range between $35 and $100 for these items on The Google (including the Ladies 'Puffer' coat which is smoke gray colored at $65!)

Acid puffers undergo a chemical reaction when the powder hits the air to form a light "smoke."

Silica-based puffers also consist of a powder in a squeeze bottle. This one seems less smoky than the acid-based puffer.

Lightable puffers are like a cross between wooden matches and sparklers. Rather than producing sparks, though, they emit (wait for it) ... smoke.

Liquid smoke puffers look a little like a bong and can push out big puffs or little streams of smoke.

A battery-powered heating element heats a liquid, and a fan can direct the smoke where you want it.



Thank you Montana Weatherization Center for doing such good work and sharing it with the crowd.