Building Resilience Season 2: A Project Based Approach to Better Building

Season 2 is in the books. We look at some dumb mistakes that caused an addition to rot from water damage, and we remodel/add to the house to prevent such problems in the future.
June 01, 2022
Read time: 1 min


Episode list:

  1. Intro and Overview
  2. Demo and Deconstruction
  3. Framing/sheathing
  4. Insulation and Airsealing a crawlspace
  5. Minisplit and HVAC upgrades
  6. WRBs and Rainscreens
  7. Window flashing, installation, and flashing
  8. Board and batten cladding
  9. Open cladding
  10. Bevel Siding
  11. Wrap-up

Sponsors: Benjamin Obdyke, AZEK, Dupont, Mitsubishi

Episodes of Building Resilience