Building Resilience Season 2: A Project Based Approach to Better Building

June 1, 2022

Season 2 is in the books. We look at some dumb mistakes that caused an addition to rot from water damage. We will remodel the house to prevent such problems in the future. Here is the remodel project-based episode list

  1. Intro and Overview
  2. Demo and Deconstruction
  3. Framing/sheathing
  4. Insulation and Airsealing a crawlspace
  5. Minisplit and HVAC upgrades
  6. WRBs and Rainscreens
  7. Window flashing, installation, and flashing
  8. Board and batten cladding
  9. Open cladding
  10. Bevel Siding
  11. Wrap-up and season 3 preview

Sponsors: Benjamin Obdyke, AZEK, Dupont, Mitsubishi

Episodes of Building Resilience