Continuous Exterior Insulation Guide

November 4, 2022

Everything* you need to know about requirements and details for wrapping old homes with cold bones

Bringing an old house up to date energy-wise can improve comfort and energy performance. Adding continuous insulation over the exterior walls and roof makes a continuous thermal barrier while burning your thermal bridges. 

It makes sense when replacing the siding or roofing because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Wrapping a house with insulation can cause headaches if not done thoughtfully: make sure that the air, water, and thermal barriers work together, not against each other, because trapping moisture in a tight house means #BugsMoldRot.


*This collection of technical drawings and animations, how-to videos, articles, photos, downloads, and links may not be a complete encyclopedia on the topic, but it is a heck of a great place to begin. 

Exterior Continuous Insulation Details

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