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Details To Be Covered in the 2022 PTC Demo Zone at The International Builders' Show (IBS)

The International Builders Show is coming up and we'll have the ProTradeCraft Demo Zone running full-tilt
January 10, 2022
Read time: 1 min

Come see the high-performance exterior wall and roof water- and air-management solutions installed right in front of you. Ask Questions of actual carpenters, remodelers, and product managers.

Also, learn about upgrading IAQ with better duct understanding and upgrade the living space with modular home-office and pantry options. 


  • Everlast Siding
  • Henry Blueskin
  • Drexel Metal Roofing Systems
  • The Container Store

Sealing Ducts and Airtight Soffits

WRB and Window Flashing

Roofing, Underlayment, and Edge Flashing

Rainscreen Siding Guide

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