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Farmhouse Kitchen Addition in Bozeman, MT

July 13, 2016
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The demo digs deep into the house to repair the rubble foundation and rework the workflow


This old house had a few common problems and is undergoing a near-total gut rehab. Because sometimes even little add-ons can extend deeply into a house: this one pulled its demolition claws inward to the central stairway where improved headroom and space were needed to reach the second floor master suite and guest room.  

Here's a rundown of the problems and solutions from this project:


Existing conditions (problems):

  1. The existing kitchen had very little counter space and no real space for appliances due to windows, doors, cased openings, and closets.
  2. The bathroom was also poorly laid out. 
  3. The existing stairwell was another limiting factor because there was not enough head room for code or comfort to reach the master suite and guest room, which were to be added upstairs, above the newly renovated kitchen and bath
  4. The existing rubble foundation was breaking down and settling. There was not much of a footing underneath it.



  1. The solution to the cramped kitchen was to remove the back wall, extend the floor system about eight feet for a total addition of about 300 - 400 square feet. The resulting design defines a usable kitchen/dining space and a reconfigured bathroom.
  2. Newly reconfigured bathroom makes better use of space and moves the window out of the shower. Multiple new windows will also let light into the dining room
  3. They will cut back the lower part of the roof above the stairway, and add a dormer to make the stairs safe, legal, comfortable, and light-filled.
  4. They poured a footing next to the rubble wall and then poured a new foundation wall inside the rubble, on top of the footing, to carry the weight of the floor and keep the rubble from collapsing.


Peter Q. Brown is a designer/builder/remodeler in Bozeman, MT. His YouTube channel has design/build videos, rodeo advice, and basketball games.


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