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Flashing Tip: Heat is Your Buddy

November 22, 2017
Read time: 1 min


Cold tape doesn't stick and hot tape stick like sh—well, you know what it sticks like.


Ben Bogie let us in on a quick tip during some Model Remodel Show filming about getting the best workability from flashing tapes...

"So here's a tip with these flashing tapes.

They have a very narrow band of temperature where they're at their sweet spot to work with. 

In the winter time they'll often be too cold, so we'll store them in the truck with the heat on for a little while. 

Even in the summers, when it gets cool overnight, so we threw them out this morning, gave them about an hour or an hour and a hald to sit in the sun and warm up.

That way, when you work with them, the adhesive is really nice and tacky. But don't let it get too warm..."


—This tip comes from the Professional Remodeler 2017 Model Remodel project in Woodbury, CT. 


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