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Framing Tip: Mark Insulation Depth on Trusses

December 01, 2017
Read time: 1 min


Mark the trusses before you unbundle them


Trusses are a fast way to frame a roof. And they can make insulating the attic fast too if you help them a little bit.

Before spreading bundles of trusses, Charles marks the insulation depth on the vertical and angled chords of the truss.

He uses a framing square to measure the correct depth, marks it with a spay dot, and then paints a line across all of the trusses following the framing square’s body.

Now you’ll know when the insulation meets your specs without plodding around the attic with a tape measure. 


—This video was shot at Professional Remodeler's 2017 Model Remodel project. 
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