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December 1, 2015

Professional Remodeler magazine has added a new department called Pro's Picks which covers a product or tool that a professional remodeler or trade contractor thinks is especially cool.

We’ll publish the pieces on and choose individual write-ups based on popularity and magazine issue focus.


The first Pro's Pick is about Tapcon LDT Screws

Taken from a video shot and edited by Master Carpenter Matt Jackson, the video made a great-looking one-page article (as you can see at right).

Your Pick could be a type of glue, a hinge jig, a saw blade, or a nail gun.


Make a Pro Pick like this:

  • Shoot photos or video clips of your pick.
  • Write some words (or record them on video) describing what it is, where it is used, why you like it, and how much it costs.

Think: Problem/Solution/Price

Hint: each of the things that you write/talk about would make good photos or video clips.

Another hint: Think about writing as if it is a short email telling us about a widget that we've not used yet.

Post your pick like this:


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