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Get Your Base Cabinets in a Line

May 04, 2015

Don't believe the wall

Installing base cabinets seems pretty straightforward: Shim the cabinet up to the level line, make sure it is level front to back, and screw it to the wall. But sometimes a wavy wall or an out-of-square corner can alter those simple plans.

To avoid variances in the countertop overhang, make sure that base cabinets align along their faces where there is a gap in the cabinetry, such as flanking a range or dishwasher.

Paul Morales of MARK IV Builders walks us through the steps in this short video tip.

  1. Fasten one cabinet permanently to the wall and to the existing bank of cabinets.
  2. Use that cabinet front and a straight edge to place subsequent cabinets that will flank the appliance opening.
  3. Shim the next cabinet as needed to push the base cabinet into the correct position. Then double-check that the opening is wide enough for the range (or whatever) to slide in.
  4. Screw the cabinet to the wall. (There is no need to locate studs, because Paul and his crew place continuous blocking for base cabinets and uppers before the drywall goes up

—Paul Morales is a carpenter with MARK IV Builders, a design/build residential remodeling company in Bethesda, MD

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