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Hemming An Eve and Rake on a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Integrate the roofing panels with the drip edge flashing along roof edges
September 04, 2023
Read time: 2 mins

This video from Union Corrugating Company illustrates how to lock standing seam roofing panels into metal drip edge flashing along roof edges. 

The process for hemming metal roofing panels

  • Notch and fold the eave and rake edges of the roofing panel. The hem should be a minimum of 1" at the eave edge and a minimum of 3/4" at the rake edge. Allow enough gap to slide the hemmed edge onto the drip edge extensions. 
  • Install the hemmed panel onto the drip edge extensions at the eave and rake edges. 
  • Fasten the panel with 1" pancake head wood screws through the fastening flange at a maximum of 18 inches apart. Note: Specific wind load requirements may necessitate additional fastening. Consult the UCC for additional information.
  • Install fasteners in the center of the slot to allow for thermal expansion and contraction. Take care not to overdrive the fastener.
  • Install the next panel by loosely lapping the female leg over the male leg. Allow the eave end of the panel to extend beyond the roof edge so the panel hem doesn't interfere with the drip edge.
  • With hand pressure, snap down the lower end of the panel until the hemmed edge is below the drip edge extension. Slide the panel up the slope until the hemmed edge is fully engaged over the drip edge.

Continue with the standing seam metal roofing panel installation. Periodically check the panels for squareness by measuring from the rake edge to the panel ribs at both ends of the panels.

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