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Holiday Bandsaw Magic: Make a Reindeer from a Block of Wood

Step by step videos for making wooden reindeer. A great way to 'Wow' the kids.
December 20, 2023
Read time: 1 min

How to make eight little reindeer from blocks of wood, a bandsaw, some packing tape, and really good attention to detail. We originally published a bandsaw reindeer video in 2015, the year ProTradeCraft launched, but it was very low res; and it was high on "the trick" and low on "the treat." I know it is the wrong holiday, but my point is that the old video didn't teach how to actually make the reindeer. It was a parlor trick for woodworking shows.

In our neverending quest to see if Google can answer everything, we found more versions of the video this year, including the one above and one from our old pal, Matthias Wandel designing and cutting his own reindeer on a bandsaw made from wood (of course).

And here's HIS video:



Happy Holidays from ProTradeCraft!


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