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How To Fix Someone Else's Caulking Repair in Stucco

July 23, 2018

A fast and inexpensive way to patch stucco walls

A lot of professional remodeling comes down to fixing what other people have 'fixed' in the past. Kirk captures the essence of this in the video.

This is a great tip to have in your bag of tricks.

Three ways to repair a caulking patch on a stucco wall

  1. Buy a five-gallon bucket of acrylic coating and float it in with a green sponge float
  2. Mix Weldcrete, a bonding agent, with soupy cement, and throw it on with a stucco dash brush.
  3. Sanded caulk. The brand is less important than the fact that it contains sand.

The first two are expensive and effective; the third is cheap and effective.

Patching a patch will not yield perfect results because it is a patch over a patch, for crying out loud. But it looks a heck of a lot better than the smooth patches which stick out like sore thumbs.

How to apply a quick-and-dirty sanded-caulk patch over an existing 'sore-thumb' patch:

  • Apply plenty of caulk over the sore thumb.
  • trowel smooth with a steel trowel
  • Use a slightly moist green sponge-float to feather the edges. The more water you use on the float, the more sand you bring out in the mix.

"Hey Kirk, how long will it take me to do this?" the homeowner asks. Kirk smiles and says, "It'll take YOU about four eight-hour days." What he did not say was how quickly he could do it (probably before lunch).

"Live Long and Plaster"

Kirk Giordano is a plaster and stucco contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area. His YouTube channel has a lot more videos.

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