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How to Install a Hip Cap on a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Apply sealants, hook hip trim onto z-closures, secure trims, and fasten it securely to ensure a watertight seal.
July 01, 2024

Learn how to install a hip cap on an unvented metal roof with standing seam panels, according to Union Corrugating Company. Union Corrugating Company is NOT a sponsor of ProTradeCraft (though we'd welcome them!). We're curating this video because it is valuable for its clarity and usefulness.

The video features Union's Advantage-Lok II standing seam roofing panel. This 16" wide snap-lock nail flange panel is used for residential and light commercial applications.

How to install a hip cap on a standing seam metal roof

  • Install the z-closures along the hip or ridge of the roof.
  • Cut the z-closures to the required length.
  • Apply butyl tape sealant to the bottom of the z-closure.
  • Fold the z-closure into place to fit along the hip or ridge.
  • Attach the z-closure to the panel with pancake head wood screws placed 4” on-center.
  • Apply tube sealant to the ends of the z-closure adjacent to the panel legs.
  • Repeat the z-closure installation on the adjacent side of the roof.
  • Cut and fold additional closures as needed, adapting them to the specific dimensions of the roof.
  • Hook hip trim onto installed z-closures.
  • Secure the hip to z-closures with pop rivets spaced 18” on center along the length of the trim.
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