Steve Maxwell | October 04, 2016

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How to Replace Heavy-Duty Electrical Cord Plugs


Some basic jobsite skills for a basic Tuesday


The best kind of replacement chords have two halves with built-in cable clamps. Female ends tend to be replaced first on extension cords, male ends, obviously, are the problem on appliances and tools.


Step by step:

Three screws hold the two halves together, when loosened, the three terminals are exposed with three differently colored screws: a gold screw, a silver screw, and a green screw.

Push the cable end through the outer half of the plug, having removed 1/2 inch of the outer sheathing, and stripping the individual wires 1/4 inch.

Slide the bare wire into the appropriate terminals and clamp tightly with the screws:

  • The white wire is connected to the silver terminal.
  • The black wire is connected to the gold terminal.
  • The ground wire (bare or green) connects to the green terminal.

Push the two halves back together and tighten the three screws.


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