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Jobsite Magic Trick: Balance 13 Nails on the Head of One

September 10, 2016
Read time: 2 mins


Swindle Amaze your co-workers with this tailgate bar trick!


This trick is for entertainment purposes only. Please, no wagering.


The bet challenge:

"I can balance more nails on the head of a nail than you can."

The setup:

Whack a 16d nail partway into the top of a sawhorse or other flat wood surface. Let then try as much as they'd like to. At best they'll get one or two.

Now, gently and diplomatically push them aside and roll up your sleeves—unless you are wearing a T-shirt, then don't bother with the sleeve rolling part.


How to do it:

  1. Lay a nail on the flat surface.
  2. Now, lay additional nails perpendicular to the first nail, alternating direction of point. for the length of the nail.
  3. Place the final nail above the first one, in the opposite direction.
  4. Lift all of the nails from the bottom nail, holding the top one down to keep the pile together. The perpendicular nails will drop down at an angle, but the top nail will lock their heads together.
  5. Balance the bottom nail on the nail driven into the saw horse.
  6. Collect your winnings accolades.


—This video is from Patrick Roehrman, a knife master and slick-trick aficionado. His YouTube channel has a lot of knife sharpening and making videos.


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