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"Nail-Slicer" Framing Blade Torture Test

Unyielding Performance: Nail-Slicer Framing Blade's Impressive Results in Metal Torture Test
August 10, 2023

In this video, ProToolReviews explores the capabilities of the Crescent Nail Slicer Framing Blade, a circular saw blade designed for cutting wood and nails. While it's not intended for cutting metal, we're about to witness an extraordinary test where the blade is challenged to cut through tough materials such as high-quality metal number five rebar and 3/16 inch sheet steel.

The video begins by showcasing some of the remarkable tests conducted by others with the Crescent Nail Slicer Framing Blade. These tests involved cutting various unconventional materials, demonstrating the blade's versatility and strength. However, the test to be performed takes things to a whole new level.

Cutting Through the Rebar

Kenny expresses his determination to push the Crescent Nail Slicer Framing Blade to its limits. To do so, he obtains high-quality metal number five rebar and sets up a test track. The goal is to see if the blade can effectively cut through this challenging material without losing its cutting power.

The moment of truth arrives as the blade is set into motion. The video captures the cutting process, and while the blade does lose some teeth, it continues to power through the number five rebar. This impressive display of strength leaves Kenny in awe, as he acknowledges that he hasn't seen any other framing blade perform such a feat.

Despite the successful test with the rebar, Kenny is not satisfied. He introduces another idea and proceeds to replace the used blade with a fresh one. This time, he has a piece of 3/16 inch sheet steel, slightly over 12 inches long, ready for cutting.

An Out-of-Context Experiment: Cutting Sheet Steel

Before proceeding, he provides a disclaimer, emphasizing that this test is not recommended for viewers to try at home or on the job. Circular saws, including the Crescent Nail Slicer Framing Blade, are not designed for cutting metal. However, he proceeds with caution in a heavily controlled environment, taking extra safety precautions.

With the disclaimers in place, he initiates the test on the 3/16-inch sheet steel. The blade's performance is once again astounding as it effortlessly slices through the challenging metal. TKenny notes that the blade loses three teeth during the process but maintains its cutting power throughout, showcasing its exceptional toughness and durability.

Bottom Line: Impressive Performance

The Crescent Nail Slicer Framing Blade demonstrates its remarkable capabilities in this extraordinary test. Though it's not specifically designed for cutting metal, the blade's ability to cut through high-quality metal number five rebar and 3/16 inch sheet steel is awe-inspiring. However, viewers are reminded to use tools as intended and follow safety guidelines (Do as Kenny says, not as Kenny DOES—he is a trained professional). For those interested, the Crescent Nail Slicer Framing Blade can be found at your local Lowes store.

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