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Painting Cabinets Without A Spray Gun

Dry-rolling is a technique that gets great results without a spray rig—or the overspray that comes with it.
February 19, 2024

Painting cabinets and cabinet doors is a tricky job because they are usually a centerpiece of the kitchen, so EVERYONE is going to know if you screw it up. The easiest way to not screw it up is to hire a professional painter to paint the cabinets. But that is pricey, and painters always want to chat.

Remodelers usually do all sorts of things that specialty trades are often hired for. So does Paul Ricalde, who shows us a cabinet painting technique he uses that he calls "Dry Rolling." When toy spray surfaces, you often need to back-brush it for a consistent coating. In dry-rolling, you apply the paint with a brush and make it uniform with a microfiber roller.


The secret to painting cabinets well is using good paint

Paul begins with high-quality paint, Sherwin Williams' Gallery Series in this case. It is expensive, but so is premature repainting.

He uses microfiber rollers instead of foam because foam often leaves bubbles and can slide when you apply pressure. And it is essential to apply pressure, he says. He spreads the paint liberally with a brush, beginning with the applied moldings, covering the frame, and then moving to the panel last. Next. he rolls the paint over the surface, applying pressure as he does. Go over the whole door and let it dry.

Knock down the bumps with steel wool

The paint is significantly dry after only 15 minutes because this particular brand is formulated like lacquer, so it will dry "super-fast." He knocks down the burrs with 0000 steel wool. It is fine enough to smooth the surface without scuffing.

Apply a second coat the same way, and smooth with steel wool again, if needed. All that is left to do now is bask in glory.

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