9 Ways to Hide a Minisplit

February 6, 2023

These mighty-mites can provide heating, cooling, and air-mixing for a well-insulated house, but they look so darned ... European. It is hard for many Americans to warm up to them.  


Sensing a need, I set out on a quest to find some solutions to this '21st century problem'. I began the quest by asking some architects and energy nerds that I know and respect.

Because energy nerds aren't always the *best* people to go to for design advice and because architects are not always the *best* people to get energy nerd advice from, I asked both.

Before delivering specific solutions, a do and a don't:

  • Do create an obscure corner in the house that has wide access and fade the minisplit into the work. 
  • Don't install them above any electronics due to the possibility of condensation.
  • Do make sure the filters are accessible for cleaning (per Tom T's comment below—thanks Tom)

1. Build a recessed niche above a closet

artcool inverter_20121212155341_1.jpg