PRO Picks: OLFA Utility Knife Blades

April 11, 2018


Faster swap-outs, longer reach, and serrated blades for cutting fibrous materials (like insulation)


At the 2018 JLC Live show, Bill Robinson pointed out a tool that he likes to use—and talk about: snap blades from OLFA. 

In the moisture management field, Bill cuts a lot of sheet goods that can dull a utility knife pretty quickly, house wraps, flexible flashings, rigid insulation, etc. 


Bill uses a snap blade knife for several reasons:

  1. Serrated blades make cutting rigid insulation easier.
  2. Extendable blades can gain you a couple of inches when reaching up to cut house wrap.
  3. When the blade gets dull, you can break off the last segment, effectively getting a new sharp blade without the time involved with unscrewing a traditional utility knife to swap out the blade.

"It gives me speed, makes me look good in front of the audience, and makes my work a whole lot easier."


—Bill Robinson is a remodeler, construction trainer, and consultant specializing in building envelope material selection, details, and installation. He lives and works in New Orleans, LA