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Product Review: iClone App Boosts Contractor Productivity

April 01, 2017

Need an extra hand on the job? Fire up the iClone app and match the settings to the task at hand.

Once in a while you wind up on a project where you need an extra hand or two. It used to mean a trip to the labor pool, but now, there is an app for that.

The iClone app provides all the help you need with the swipe of a finger.

To create a clone:

  • Set iClone app to 'Scan' mode.
  • Use vertical scanning path to capture the 3D topogromorphical imagery used by the app for clone creation.
  • Use a steady, smooth, consistent motion for best results.

After the vertical scan to rasterizes, move on to the customization screens.

From the 'Settings' screen, choose the attributes that you want to adjust:

  • 'Size Matters' slider allows you to adjust clone for crown molding or crawlspaces.
  • 'Uniforms' tab allows you to adjust t-shirt color to match company colors.
  • It also has three age-appropriate hat configurations
  • Add a heavy shirt for a chilly day
  • Or choose a sturdy coat for tougher jobs and chillier days

From the 'Gear' screen, you can add OSHA-approved safety equipment:

  • Work gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Welding goggles (torch striker included)
  • Auto-darkening welding helmet with protective leather apron, for bigger metal-working jobs

When your clone is optimized for the task at hand, copy and paste to fill out the crew. You can save your clone's attributes for the next job, or you can delete them at the end of the day. Or do what Matt does: shrink them down to size for storage until you need more help.

The choice is yours!

Order iClone Today

Next Level Carpentry is a new YouTube channel started by Matt Jackson (the Timber Tailor) to help aspiring carpenters take their game to the next level. Besides nearly 50 years experience in the building trades, Matt has another channel called The Digital Jobsite, which is about mastering SketchUp from square one.

(happy April Fool's Day)

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