Replacing a 30-Year Old Replacement Window in a 100-Year-Old Wall That Was Upgraded With Exterior Foam Insulation 25 Years Ago

July 28, 2022

Protradecraft traveled to the Westford, Massachusetts home of Building Science Corporation founders Betsy Pettit and Joseph Lstiburek, aka Dr. Joe, to film a replacement window replacement scenario not seen very often.

It seems the 100-year old farmhouse was retrofit by the Building Science Corporation team a couple of decades ago, in one of their early examples of a "deep energy retrofit." 

Remodeler David Joyce digs into the walls to check the performance of the exterior foam and construction tapes. By removing the replacement window and the original window frame and then reframing the opening, David makes the viewable area bigger. By using triple-glazed windows, he makes the bigger area more comfortable.

The videos