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Sawhorse Extravaganza

September 12, 2015

9 Great sawhorse designs for whatever your needs are.

Something to watch during the commercial breaks to all of the games this weekend.

The Morhorse, a folding sawhorse 


A Kickstarter video from a year ago by Barkley Moore.

Mr. Moore reached his Kickstarter goal in Oct 2014 and is open for business.


The 'Ideal' Jobsite Sawhorses


Good jobsite sawhorses built from jobsite scraps.
By Jeremiah Johnson 


Samurai Carpenter's 'DIY' Timberframe Sawhorses


The most honorable Samurai Carpenter builds a set of timber frame sawhorses in high-speed, real-time, and slo-mo. 


Caballete, sawhorse, shopdog


Not a very easy to watch video slide show, but the horses are cool and the music is hot.


A Japanese-Style Sawhorse


Will Dyckman, a San Francisco area builder, deconstructs his Japanese-style sawhorse.


Folding sawhorses that break down easily


Two 2x4s required.

Steve Ramsey


Diresta: Sawhorses


By Jimmy DiResta via Make


Simple and Solid Sawhorses


Making simple sturdy sawhorses from 2x4 lumber
Plans: http://woodgears.ca/sawhorse

by Matthias Wandel


Another version of the Shop Dog


With various attachments. Made by woodshopdude



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