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Setting Window Panes with Silicone

May 28, 2018

Getting silicone to stick to the window and not your finger

Setting new window panes in an old sash is an inevitable remodeling chore at some point. The old way, using glazing putty, still works, but more and more, people are using silicone. Silicone bonds very well to wood and glass and lasts a lifetime.

The characteristics making it bond well with wood and glass means that it also bonds well with everything else.

Like your fingers, pants, tape measure, nail bags, tool box, car keys, phone, dog...

Paul's tip is to spritz alcohol on the silicone before tooling the bead. The alcohol makes it easy to tool by keeping things from sticking to its surface until the alcohol dries.

—Paul Ricalde is a home improvement contractor and fireman in New Orleans, LA. His YouTube channel is rich with construction/remodeling videos.

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