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A Simple Balanced Ventilation System

August 15, 2017

Two fans talk to each other to replace stale air with fresh air

Tight little houses need mechanical ventilation to keep the air quality good. In Professional Remodeler’s 2017 Model Remodel, Ben Bogie designed a no-nonsense balanced system based around two six inch ducts.

  • One duct begins outside and pulls fresh air into the basement through a programmable supply fan. The fan can exclude extremely hot, cold, or humid air from being drawn in.
  • The supply fan pushes air up through the other duct to a branch box in the attic, where it is distributed around the house.
  • Dumping air into closets helps to temper it, and cuts down on potential drafts.
  • Not only does the range hood exhaust cooking smoke, it also operates continuously on a low flow—synchronized with the supply fan.
  • Spot exhaust is provided over the shower to take care of concentrated loads.

Simple, affordable balanced ventilation

Thank you to Allison Bailes, Ph.D. for some early technical insight.

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