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Three Dryer Venting Tips

June 17, 2015
Read time: 2 mins


All clothes dryers should vent directly outside.

Ventless dryers have a condensate drain, which removes moisture from the house, but this video is about regular clothes dryers.

The video comes from Building America Solutions Center.


3 Tips:
  1. Do not use lint-removing devices that return moist air into the house. The point of ducting is to get rid of the moisture from a load of wet clothes. Lint removal is the job of the lint screen inside the dryer. Don't get talked into this. Ever.
  2. Keep the dryer vent at least 10 feet away from the AC condenser. Blowing hot air on the condenser will not help it do its job of cooling your customers' air efficiently or effectively. 
  3. Look to make sure the venting is actually working. Inspect the fins on the vent hood at the outside wall. Make sure there isn't a leak in the duct run between the dryer and outside.
  4. Bonus tip from the editor: Don't locate a new dryer vent above a bed of tulips. (Don't ask.)


— Building America Solution Center is an online tool that collects best practice recommendations from the country’s top building science and home building experts to help builders and remodelers get to net zero ENERGY READY homes. 


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