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Turn a Nightmare Patch Job into A Dream: EZ-Pro Texture System

June 21, 2016
Read time: 2 mins


Textured drywall patches in a flash—and the cleanup is even faster


Held each May in Las Vegas, The National Hardware Show is where buyers from hardware stores, lumber yards, and home centers go to see the latest and greatest tools and products being pitched by the companies that make them.

The 2016 show was particularly good, with more interesting new tools and products than I have seen in years past. Some recently came out, some are scheduled for release later this year, and some are concepts in search of buyers—years away from being produced or fated to never be produced at all.

Here is another sneak peek at what you would have seen if you had been able to go to the show, which is open only to members of the NRHA (North American Retail Hardware Association) and select media.

EZ-Pro Texture System

I know from experience what a pain it is to make small repairs to textured drywall. Do you use a hard-to- clean hopper gun or that expensive texture-in-a-can that rarely produces a perfect match? The EZ-Pro System is an alternative to both; it’s an air gun that connects to a premixed bag of texture.

Compressed air blows the material and the operator controls flow by squeezing the bag. Partially used bags can be removed, capped, and saved for later use.

Results are on par with those from a hopper gun but cleanup is easier; spray an ounce or two of water through the gun and you’re done.

The gun goes for $80; texture for orange peel or knockdown is $8 per bag.

—David Frane is a freelance editor and a good buddy of ours. Formerly, he was editor of Tools of the Trade magazine and website. He lives in Northern California.


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