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3 Woodworking Tricks

February 12, 2018

Marking, cutting, and glue-up tips that you may have forgotten about

In case you were looking for a reason to putz around in your shop this weekend...

  • Tip 1: Use masking tape to protect the face of the veneer that you are cutting. It will reduce splinters and tear-out significantly.
  • Tip 2: Use a drinking straw to remove glue squeeze-out (2:00)
  • Tip 3: Adjustable Marking Gauge. (3:00) Set a drywall screw into a flat block of hardwood, use the block to ride against the workpiece while the screw head marks the workpiece.

Mistry MakeTool is a small Homemade Tools Project on YouTube channel run by Sandip Mistry

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